Fall Is the Ideal Time to Enjoy Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Marietta, GA

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Marietta serves residents and businesses of Marietta, GA, with custom landscape lighting designs, installation, maintenance, and repairs. The team installs the highest quality lighting products for long-lasting service. Consultations and nighttime lighting demonstrations are available upon request. For LED low voltage landscape lighting solutions that bring beauty and value to any residence or business, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Marietta is the right choice.

Outdoor architectural landscape lighting yields year-round benefits. The aesthetic beauty and functional practicality can be enjoyed throughout the year. Whether it is the leafless fingers of trees piercing the darkness or the emerging greenery and budding blooms of spring, elegant lighting adds luminescent magic to homes and landscapes. Autumn, however, creates special seasonal opportunities for outdoor illumination.

Fall ushers in a refreshingly dramatic change from the stifling heat and sometimes monotonous green of summer. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the staggered commencement of the school year signals the resolution of summer and the beginning of fall. The enticing aroma of pumpkin spice and the sight and feel of a cool autumn breeze rustling auburn and red leaves across the lawn stirs peaceful feelings.

The most splendid and beautiful aspects of a home’s best features are highlighted and elevated with low voltage landscape lighting. Fall is an optimal season for landscape lighting installation. The long summer days relinquish mere snippets of time to soak up enjoyment from a beautiful, elegantly illuminated landscape.

The pageantry of the turning leaves, the subtle chilling of the night air, and the encroaching darkness hint that the time has come to throw on a light jacket or blanket and step out onto the patio to enjoy the season.

Shine the Light on the Leaves

The beauty of creation this time of year is visually captivating. One maple blazes in its fiery red mantle while another adorns itself with myriads of bright yellow stars. A meandering on-again-off-again breeze untethers cascades of color. Delicate nighttime uplighting washes the trunks of trees and dramatizes the beauty of the leaves. A warming, calming serenity envelops the landscape. The uplighting technique splashes illumination up into the colorful canopy to create shadows that embellish the brilliance of the dancing leaves.

Illuminate the Daily Homecoming

The chill in the autumnal air is a harbinger of cooler air to come. Thoughts instinctively pivot to notions of warm fires, silky-smooth hot chocolate, and a favorite sweater. The fall season inclines the mind to contemplate the coming winter.

A well-lit home evokes a much-needed feeling of welcome at the end of busy days. Few things warm the heart, elevate the mood and crowd out the stresses of the day so much as a walkway and entrance awash in the glow from a professionally designed and installed low voltage landscape lighting design. Everyone needs an inviting sight and an inviting respite at the of a day filled with challenges and struggles. Coming home to light and warmth always casts the day in a positive light.

Winter provokes feelings of a need for resilience, inner strength, and endurance. Illuminating a home elicits a strong sense of refuge. The home becomes a fortress where the biting cold of either winter or life is not permitted to enter. To truly feel like a safe place where a warm and comfortable retreat is found, the setting must be inviting. This ambiance can be achieved or enhanced with a masterfully designed and installed landscape lighting plan. A property should be illuminated at night to create a friendly, inviting space for visitors. More fundamentally, the residence should be lit for the owners to make the house feel like home.

Think Security

The warm, tender brilliance of low voltage landscape lighting causes a home to breathe and pulse with life even when no one is home. Illuminating a home, its walkways, and entryways instills confidence that the property is safe and secure. Strategically bringing light to a property creates depth and a stronger sense of privacy and security. This goal is achieved by enabling greater visual control over the surroundings.

The brilliance of a great landscape design is not found so much in the lumens of the fixtures but in the brilliance of the design, installation, and maintenance. For more information about landscape lighting design and installation in Marietta, GA, contact the office of Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Marietta by phone at (678) 616-9166 or email [email protected].

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