Getting the Best Home Security Lighting System in Atlanta from Southern Landscape Lighting Systems

An outdoor security lighting system has dual roles in illuminating your premises as a deterrent to possible intruders and in detecting possible intruders before they gain access to your house. As a professional installer of security lighting, we can assist you with the design, lighting selection and installation of lighting systems that are effective, efficient and approved by your insurance company. We also work with any security or guard company that you may employ to ensure a properly integrated system that will enhance their services to you.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems will do your Atlanta outdoor security lighting system installation to local council approved standards and in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications that will benefit your safety.

Tips to Consider when hiring an Outdoor Security Lighting Installation Company in Atlanta

  • Location – the height from the ground determines the area or ground space covered by the light as well as the extent of the illumination of the subject. Ideally, the arc of light from individual lights should overlap to eliminate blind spots.
  • Motion sensors – are a perfect solution if you only need the outdoor security lights to come on when there is movement within your premises from a person or persons. Sensitivity can be set to exclude small animals. An added advantage is that you are given early warning of possible intruders and it can be linked to your home alarm system.
  • Coverage – the lighting designers at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems have the experience and expertise to advise you on the areas of your premises that pose the highest risk to unwanted intrusion and will design the most efficient outdoor security lighting system for you.
  • Energy consumption – unless you specify otherwise, we install outdoor LED lights to reduce your energy costs and reduce system maintenance. It is also possible to install timers and motion detectors where required to further reduce your electric bill. Solar powered spotlights can also be fitted but are less effective and depend on the weather and daylight hours.
  • Secure cable feeds – protection of your system is essential to limit the opportunity for tapering by trespassers. All our outdoor security lighting installations use industrial grade conduit for protection.
  • Maintenance –  Southern Landscape Lighting Systems install primarily LED outdoor lights that are protected from the elements and seldom require replacement. All installations of our outdoor lighting systems include high-quality conduit, waterproof junction boxes and circuit protection breakers so that any electrical failures in your outdoor security lighting will not affect power supplies to the rest of the house.
  • Neighbors – high levels of ambient light from outdoor lighting stems can be a source of annoyance to your neighbors. This can be avoided by pointing or focusing the outdoor lighting away from the adjoining properties, controlling the lumen (illumination) of individual lights and reducing operating times with timers and motion detectors.
  • Back-up power supplies – If you live in an area that does have occasional power outages you should consider a power back-up system. You should also reset timers after a power failure.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is an expert outdoor landscaping and security lighting installation company that have the right solution to meet all your specifications. Our consultations are free, and we can also provide nighttime demonstrations. The team offers a single point of entry for all your landscape lighting design, supply and installation requirements in Atlanta and surrounding cities. We have been in the outdoor lighting installation business for many years and have a reputation for delivering high-quality landscape lighting systems, on time and within your budget. Our design and installation teams are highly professional, trained and certified to provide an excellent service to you.

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