Highlighting the Benefits of LED Lighting for Deck Illumination

An LED-based outdoor landscape lighting solution offers the homeowner many advantages that cannot be achieved with other lighting sources. In particular, deck lighting with LED fixtures highlights the superior advantage the LED lighting solution has over halogen and solar landscape lighting systems.

led landscape lighting

The LED Advantages for Deck Lighting

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems installs high-quality, innovative, and environmentally sensitive LED landscape lighting products manufactured by Garden Light. Garden Light products are the industry standard for landscape lighting installations and replacements.

The Advantages of LED Lighting

Low voltage LED lights are energy-efficient, being powered by electricity in the range of 12-volts. This innovative lighting system offers many benefits and is widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. LED lighting excels other lighting solutions for residential decks and other lighting applications.

1. Energy Efficiency

Low voltage outdoor LED lights emit a higher quality and greater amount of light output than the typical incandescent or halogen bulb can. In addition, LED only uses twenty percent of the energy that an incandescent or halogen bulb does.

2. Cost-Saving

LED lights consume much less energy, last much longer, and provide superior illumination both around the exterior landscape and building architecture as compared to any other lighting option. LED lights can consume up to eighty percent less energy than standard halogen or incandescent bulbs. These factors mean savings for the homeowner who chooses LED lighting for an initial deck lighting installation or for an upgrade to replace an inferior, aging, or damaged system.

3. Minimum Heat Contribution

LED lights are warm to the touch and do not pose the fire danger that halogen lights do. Deck lighting is closer in proximity to human activity, especially children and pets. Knowing that the LED lights cannot burn little hands or curious pets brings peace of mind to the homeowner, parent, grandparent, and pet owner.

The top-quality fixture used by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is designed and built to allow an improved thermal reduction. Heat is the enemy of LED lights and will significantly reduce the life of the bulb if the heat is not distributed away from the fixture and the bulb. Because the fixtures so effectively dissipate heat and maintain a constant temperature, bulbs last longer and produce a more consistent color.

This color consistency is important for deck lighting. A great lighting plan creates a subtle, delicate, and balanced ambiance that requires a consistent color output. The lighting design specialist at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, Lindsey Rodericks, grasps the importance of subtle contrasts in a deck lighting design and installs Garden Light fixtures because their consistency maintains the elements she has carefully designed into each deck illumination project.

4. Longer Life Span

Most of the lower voltage lights, particularly IP68 and ETL rated LED lights, can last almost sixty times longer — 50,000 or more hours — than the older halogen or incandescent bulb lighting systems.  This longevity increases savings while reducing the maintenance burden associated with more frequent bulb changes.

5. Much Safer Option

Low voltage LED lighting virtually eliminates the possibility of electrocution when exposed to rain, snow, or water from a garden hose. The deck is an outdoor living space where life happens. Children love to play in the warm, summer rain on the deck and in the backyard during the day. A well-illuminated deck extends these times of childhood pleasure into the dusk and evening hours. Knowing the kids are safe as they enjoy a summer rain or the occasional winter snow brings peace of mind to the conscientious parent or grandparent.

6. Versatile and Discreet

Lights using low voltage power connections have a relatively smaller profile than other types of 120-volt lights, including incandescent bulbs. The more compact fixtures will fit in areas where traditional fixtures would not. Also, the LED lights are more discreet than their larger counterparts. In an intimate deck setting, the ability to discreetly position LED lights enhances their usefulness without distracting from the deck architecture.

The small profile LED lights do not compromise on light output or modulation. Whether the setting dictates a soft, warm ambiance or bright illumination for various activities like cooking, recreation, or board games, the LED lighting system is the best deck lighting solution.

7. Worry-Free Security

Though LED lights use a lower voltage system, they can flood large areas with bright light without the property owner having to worry about expensive electricity bills. A homeowner can illuminate the entire residence—front yard, back yard, pool area, and the back deck — as bright as day for large gatherings when adequate light is essential for safe and comfortable entertainment and recreational activities after dark. An added feature is that bright lights or the capacity for instantly bright lights discourages intruders.

led landscape lighting


An LED lighting solution for a deck offers many advantages, including energy and cost savings, dependability, longevity, and safety. The lower, smaller profile of the LED fixture is versatile and discreet. Trends indicate the growing popularity of outdoor living spaces. LED lighting is a superior solution to make an outdoor living space such as a deck more useful after dark. Consult the experts at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems to schedule a free consult about installing a lighting system for a deck or for replacing or repairing the current deck.

For more information about landscape lighting, visit the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems website at southernlls.com/locations/marietta-georgia/. Contact the office by phone at (678) 616-9166.

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