How Outdoor Chandeliers Add Beauty to Backyard Patio and Decks

Outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity. Trending indicates that homeowners want to spend more time outside on their patio or deck. Covered pergolas, discreet insect screening, fully outfitted outdoor kitchens are some of the more popular backyard amenities. Outdoor landscape lighting designers are seeking to accommodate this growing desire of homeowners to be outside. One feature, in particular, is garnering the attention: The outdoor chandelier. The outdoor chandelier not only meets a functional need, but it also appeals to a more refined aesthetic taste.

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The range of style and price options for outdoor chandeliers varies from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. The choice range varies from the rustic to the refined.  It is possible to enjoy an outdoor chandelier that rivals the most exquisite beauty of the most elegant indoor chandelier. A jaw-dropping, top-of-the-line two-tier Venetian-style chandelier can push the limits of $7,000.00 or more when installed. At this price, the discerning homeowner must ask whether a chandelier of this aesthetic quality will stand the test of time in the outdoor elements.

Technology Takes Indoor Beauty Outdoors

Recent advances in both polycarbonate material technology and LED lighting technology have combined to make it possible to enjoy the finest in chandelier beauty outdoors. Material and lighting technologies have effectively and definitively resolved the major challenges to outdoor chandelier lighting, which up to now appeared to be unsolvable. These solutions include:

  • Protection against water, dust, and corrosion
  • Resistance to stress, wind, and other impacts
  • Lightness, modularity, and easy installation

Unprecedented leaps in decorative durability have enabled the development of ornate, classic, Venetian-style chandeliers that thrive in outdoor environments. The lightweight, impermeable material used in these types of chandeliers withstands the harshest elements. In familiar Venetian style, curling polycarbonate arms extend in a staggering two-tier structure. Copious light sources are protected with frosted borosilicate glass. Luxurious thermoplastic crystals drape the fixture, and space-age material technology brings ornamental aesthetics outdoors. The romance of a classically lit dining room is transported to the outdoor living space. Classic Italian design and craftsmanship meets 21st-century material and LED lighting technology.

Reservations about longevity, performance, versatility, and quality are assuaged. Functional outdoor lighting has attained the pinnacle of elegance, style, and beauty.

How to Size Patio Dining Chandeliers

This tip will help in sizing a chandelier for the outdoor patio or deck dining table. To figure out the ideal width and length for a fixture, multiply the width of the table by 0.66 for a standard look, or if the preference is for a more bold and over-sized design, then multiply the width of the table by (0.5). For example, if the goal is finding a standard-sized fixture to go above a dining room table, which is 40 inches in width, multiply 40 by 0.66 for a standard fixture size of 26.4 inches.

How High to Hang an Outdoor Table Chandelier

To place an outdoor chandelier, the measurement from the bottom of the fixture to the top of the table should be between 30 and 34 inches. This range allows enough headroom above the outdoor table. It also provides for a maximum amount of light spread for the whole table. When determining the best placement for a chandelier in terms of installation, a best practice is to simply center the outdoor chandelier above the table.

How to Size Outdoor Living Area Chandeliers

These measurement instructions are for chandeliers that illuminate an outdoor space and do not hang over a table. First, measure the width and length of the outdoor space where the chandelier is to be hung. Then, round to the nearest foot of each measurement to get a round number for each, and add them together. If the room width is 10 feet 5 inches, round to 10 feet. If the room length is 17 feet 6 inches, then round to 18 feet. The sum of those two measurements would be 28 feet. Simply convert that number to inches (28 inches) to obtain the ideal width of the chandelier.

How High to Hang an Outdoor Chandelier

If the chandelier is not being installed over a table but instead over an outdoor lounge area, the recommended installation height is at least 7 feet from the bottom of the chandelier to the floor.

The size of the chandelier is dependent on the size of the space where it will hang. It is essential to ensure that the chandelier is proportional to space where it will hang. Place the fixture in the desired location to satisfy the lighting needs for the outdoor living space.

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Material and lighting technologies have expanded outdoor lighting options to include chandeliers from the rustic to the refined, for every taste, circumstance, and price point. Outdoor chandeliers add a pop of drama and elegance to an outdoor patio, dining area, or entryway. In various sizes and with an array of different styles to choose from, they can make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression.

For more information about custom landscape lighting, contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Marietta at (678) 616-9166.

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