How to Choose the Best Landscape Lighting Company

Choosing the best landscape lighting company in Alpharetta, GA doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are five essential checks to do before making a decision such as safety compliance, a focus on security, the option to customize your installation, the contractor’s reliability, and a competitive pricing offer.

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The landscape lighting company that you choose to do your home’s outdoor lighting should be certified to install low voltage landscape lighting. They will ensure that the system is installed safely according to industry best practices. The certification also guarantees that the outdoor lighting will be safe for your family to use afterward.

Outdoor lighting has other safety implications. It is used to light up important areas of your garden after dark, making it safe for people to use at night time. As falls are one of the most common reasons for injuries at home (accounting for nearly one-third of all injuries in the US), a good landscape lighting installer will know what areas to focus on to improve home safety.


Having a new landscape lighting design should incorporate a focus on security lighting where all areas of your yard are expertly lit to reduce the chance of a break-in. They will also be able to set the system so that the lights turn on automatically even if you are not home as a deterrent to intruders.


You will need an outdoor lighting company that listens to what you want. They need to be able to install a solution that reflects the vision that you have for your garden. An experienced landscape lighting installer will be able to understand what you are looking for and suggest ways to incorporate your ideas and offer improvements.

If holiday celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas are important, they will be able to offer advice on how to quickly transform your outdoor lighting to reflect the holiday by making changes to the existing installation that are easy and inexpensive to do.


A reliable landscape lighting installation company will be able to provide accurate quotes, keep to their appointments and respond to your questions. Before choosing a company, read the reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google to see if they are able to deliver on what they promise.

The best landscape lighting companies also offer a one-year guarantee on their work with free service calls that will assist with any system issues, re-burying of cables, socket greasing, lens cleaning, timer battery replacement and much more.

Competitive Pricing

Costing is important as you want to pay a fair price for the service that you receive. There are some quick checks that you can do to make sure that you are comparing like for like. If you are looking at quotes from different landscape lighting companies, look at the breakdown of the costs. Compare the quality of the components that are being used, the number and type of fixtures being quoted on and that the cost of labor is fair.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Alpharetta and Sandy Springs has an unbeatable reputation as a respectable, well-established landscape lighting specialist offering competitive pricing and a commitment to excellent service. Their numerous service awards and consistent 5-star customer reviews offer customers complete peace of mind that they deliver perfect LED landscape lighting that is customized for every client, every time.

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