Landscape Lighting Company Lighting Up Marietta’s Business Landscape


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If the Marietta business environment wants to shed some light upon itself, it could not have asked for a better company to ensure it happens. Especially since the company will now be in the neighborhood permanently.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems (SLLS), which has a strong reputation for LED landscape lighting design, installation and maintenance in the area, just announced that it is opening a satellite Marietta landscape lighting company office as one of two new locations in the area. A third location is also now open in Alpharetta Georgia to better serve both Marietta and Alpharetta area homeowners and businesses.

The new Marietta location will provide all of the same services that the main Acworth location has provided for clients throughout the Northern Atlanta area and suburbs. SLLS provides free consultations and estimates about landscape lighting projects, customized lighting system plans and designs, professional installation of each system and ongoing maintenance and repair, including up to a 20 year warranty on our top of the line LED lighting fixtures.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems built its award-winning business around LED (light-emitting diode) lighting for the outside of the home or business with lighting for landscapes and for security. Featured in prominent local and regional media, the company has won several customer-service and landscape-design awards.

SLLS is a highly versatile company, offering LED outdoor lighting systems for homes, businesses, neighborhood or parking-lot entrances, front yards, patios, gardens, decks and balconies. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems can develop and design a lighting system almost anywhere that lighting is needed outside of a structure, whether it’s for being inviting to guests, or to deter uninvited guests with nefarious intentions. At all three Georgia locations, the landscape lighting professionals at SLLS see your project through from conception to design to completion and well beyond.

Free consultations and on-site estimates are available for Marietta, Alpharetta and surrounding areas. Also, the company can provide you with lighting demonstrations in the evenings, allowing you the opportunity to see the lighting options in action at the time they would be used so you can see firsthand what it will do before you commit to a plan.

LED lighting has become popular lighting technology, and there are several benefits of this new lighting despite its perceived high cost compared to old incandescent lighting.

One of the benefits is that LED lighting doesn’t have components that wear out, meaning they rarely, if ever, have to be replaced. Second, the lights give off less heat than the traditional halogen bulbs, and they use less voltage and wattage than the incandescent bulbs, which means over the life of your system, LED will save you money on electric bills and general maintenance.

LED lighting also is cheaper to install because it uses transformers which are smaller than traditional lighting. SLLS not only designs and installs lighting systems, but it also maintains them, conducts service checks and ensures system integrity for the life of the system.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is now taking its business to serve the Marietta community directly, as the company has developed a definitive market for its products and services, and will provide greater convenience to Marietta GA homeowners with the same quality service and lighting system design that has been the foundation of the company’s reputation.

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