If you’re looking to enhance your home with landscape lighting, and want to do the installation yourself, there are plenty of options. Some projects require a professional’s expertise, but simpler ones can be done with simple materials and an eye for the design you want. One way to accomplish this is with landscape lighting kits. Here are a few tips on purchasing landscape lighting kits.

What Are Landscape Lighting Kits?

Landscape lighting kits are sets of several lights (typically between four and ten), a cable, and an appropriate transformer. The most common types of lights in these kits are path lights, spotlights, and flood lights. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, so you never have to feel restricted. They are designed to make do-it-yourself landscape lighting design and installation as easy as possible.

Decide on the Type

First decide on the type you want to use. There are three common types: path lights, spotlights, and flood lights.

Path lights are intended to light paths, walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. They create an inviting path to your front door, and increase safety for you, your family, and your guests. This is the most common type of landscape lighting. In addition to lighting paths, they can also be used for highlighting a specific feature in your yard, illuminating a pond or fountain, or framing a specific area.

Spotlights are possibly the most versatile type of landscape lighting. They are used to highlight specific objects or features, including trees, shrubs, gardens, sculptures, or architectural elements. They are also excellent security features.

Flood lights are similar to spotlights, in that they emphasize a specific area. However, instead of featuring a narrow beam of light, they feature a much wider one, which allows them to cover a wider area with the same wattage. They can highlight specific features or light a much larger area, such as an entire yard or driveway.

Decide on the Style

Once you’ve determined the type of lighting that you need, narrow it down more by choosing a style. There are many to choose from. Some popular fixture styles include modern, contemporary, traditional, and rustic.

Decide on the Color and Finish

Now you have a lighting type and style – now which color? There are many options here as well. Choose a color that will go well with your home and landscaping. Common options include black, brown, pewter, brass, and antique and polished copper.

Get Some Help from a Pro

The best way to determine what type of lighting will work best on your property is to ask a professional. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems  in Acworth, GA, will come to your home to provide a free on-site consultation. We will help you design the perfect landscape lighting for your home, and if you decide to have someone install for you, we can take care of that, too! Read reviews from our customers, then call us at (678) 324-6842 to schedule your consultation. You can also leave a comment below with your questions and comments.

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