Maintaining an Outdoor Landscape Lighting System in Alpharetta GA

Outdoor lighting systems are generally low maintenance if a quality system was installed at the outset. Maintenance is however not restricted to the lighting system. Surrounding vegetation that has grown to obscure lighting needs to be cut back regularly especially during the growing season. Environmental factors may also reduce the efficiency of your landscape or security lighting installation.  Outdoor lighting technology is evolving rapidly with the emphasis on sustainability and low energy consumption and upgrading your system to LED landscape lighting system should be a serious consideration. The team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Alpharetta GA is available to assist you with these and all other outdoor lighting solutions.

Maintaining Your Alpharetta Outdoor Lighting Systems

The environment that your outdoor lighting operates in and the type of lights will determine the amount of maintenance that you need to do. The more extreme the ambient operating temperature ranges, the more significant the impact. Low voltage outdoor lights tend to operate at higher temperatures than higher voltage and LED lights and have substantially shorter globe lifespans. The nature of the vegetation and growth rates surrounding outdoor lights can limit their effectiveness, particularly in the case of outdoor security lighting.     

Lamp Lenses

The closer to the ground, the more likely lenses are affected by mud and grime kicked up by rain, pedestrians or motor vehicles. This impairs the brightness and effectiveness of outdoor lighting systems and is easily solved by wiping the affected lens with a damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent solution before drying it off. Lamps should be inspected for cracks that can result in failures at a later stage.

Replacement Globes

Globes are easily replaceable in most systems and are generally of a sealed variety. In outdoor security lighting systems, it is essential that all faulty globes are replaced immediately so that your security system is not compromised. You should also upgrade to the latest low energy consumption globes where possible.

Motion Sensors

These are critical components of your outdoor landscape lighting and security lighting systems that will malfunction if the sensors are obscured by dirt and grime. Foliage covering the lamp lenses or motion/light sensors should be cut back a few times a year. Take into account that wind may blow foliage in front of sensors that will activate your systems unnecessarily.

Aiming of Outdoor Lights and Sensors

The direction of outdoor landscape lighting and sensors should be checked regularly. Poorly directed sensors will result in reduced or incorrect activation of lighting systems and create critical gaps in security coverage of your property. Both are easily adjusted to return your outdoor lighting installation to design specification.

Waterproofing of All Electrical Systems

Outdoor lighting systems are permanently exposed to fluctuating temperatures and UV light. Most of the conduit and junction boxes are made of PVC plastics and are subject to cracking after prolonged exposure to the elements or mechanical damage. This can allow the ingress of water, subsequent electrical short circuits, and complete or partial failure of the landscape or security lighting installation. Any exposed conduit laying on the ground should be re-buried.

Resetting Timers

Changing daylight hours with the seasons require the resetting of timers controlling the operating hours of your outdoor lighting system to reduce your electric bills. Many timers also need a reset after a power failure. Battery powered units should be checked regularly. Give our professional team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Alpharetta a call and book your demonstration now. They are also able to give you recommendations regarding the integrity of any existing outdoor landscape or security lighting systems.

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