Marietta Landscape Lighting Company Illuminates Commercial Signage

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Marietta, GA, installs and services residential and commercial outdoor landscape lighting systems in the metro Atlanta area. The team aims to create custom outdoor lighting to accentuate features of the home, landscape, subdivision entrance, or business. The experts can create a customized outdoor lighting design to highlight company brand assets such as commercial signage.

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Commercial signage at a business’s physical location is one of the most effective and affordable ways to communicate brand identity, expand market presence, and enhance brand recognition. Landscape lighting showcases this key advertising asset, enabling the signage to be viewed by potential customers even after dark.

A busy street in Marietta, GA, with an annual average daily traffic (AADT) count of twenty thousand vehicles per day gives a business the opportunity to be viewed thousands of times if the company’s signage is effective, eye-catching, and visible.

Commercial signage is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and styles. One of the most elegant examples of commercial signage is the monument sign. Constructed from materials such as stone, brick, wood, stucco, iron, or aluminum, monument signs communicate more than just a written message and a visual representation of the brand. By combining the best aspects of architectural and graphic design, a monument sign conveys a powerful and memorable statement. In fact, commercial signage is the first statement that a business or organization makes about itself when people view the sign or visit the establishment.

Business owners must consider several important factors relating to their commercial signage.

1. Prominence

Commercial signage should command attention while at the same time conveying stability, reliability, substance, and permanence. It should be the prominent hardscape feature in front of the business.

2. Visibility

The sign should be highly visible to passing motorists. Signage is not useful if potential customers can not read its message.

3. Readability

The sign’s font should be legible and large enough to be seen and read by motorists traveling at the speed limit. Font shape and font color contribute significantly to readability. Effective signage efficiently communicates the most vital information with minimal text.

4. Eye-catching graphics

The design and layout of the signage should capture attention and draw the eye to key information. A passerby may have only a few seconds to glance at the sign. If customers admit having difficulty spotting the sign, then an issue exists with the signage. Signs should be optimized to capture and focus attention on key information.

5. Memorability

A prominently displayed, eye-catching sign should be memorable and should stand out from all the other nearby signs that compete for attention. Unforgettable signage keeps on advertising in the minds of prospective and actual customers long after the physical experience of seeing the sign has passed. By making a positive statement upfront, commercial signage can enhance a business’ curb appeal and leave a good impression.

Unlike temporary advertising campaigns, commercial signage continuously communicates its message indefinitely. With LED low-voltage landscape lighting, the message can continue to be seen after the sun goes down. High-traffic times are usually in the early morning and the early evening when there is insufficient sunlight to read signage comfortably. Prominent signage that captures attention and communicates a powerful message is often expensive. Failing to illuminate the signage after dark reduces the practical value of the sign.

Competitive advantage is essential for a business to succeed. Effectively using landscape lighting during the daylight hours to attract attention and enhance visibility can give a business the edge it needs to draw customers in a crowded and competitive business arena. Low-voltage landscape lighting is durable, lasts fifteen to twenty times longer than halogen bulbs, and costs 80% less than traditional lighting. The LED fixtures do not get hot, so they are very safe. Maintenance is minimal.

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The landscape lighting installation at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems features a free day-time consultation and picture consultation where the team comes out in person to the home or business. If needed, the client can provide photos, and the design team can explain options for illuminating the areas that the client wants to be highlighted, including commercial signage. An estimate is provided that includes the number of fixtures, types of fixtures to be installed, and the price for the installation.

For the client who is ready to move forward immediately with a project, nighttime demonstrations are available. The installation team sets up a live demonstration of the lights so the client can experience the beauty and elegance of outdoor landscape lighting.

Schedule an appointment with the outdoor landscape lighting professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems to formulate a strategic lighting plan that maximizes the visual potential of the physical location so that the business gets noticed.

For more information outdoor LED landscape lighting installation and service, contact the office by phone at (678) 616-9166 or email [email protected].

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