Marietta Outdoor Lighting Company Shares Important Components on Lighting Systems

The professional team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta, will design and install an outdoor landscape lighting system that meets all your requirements. Not only do they do installations, but they also do detailed design work together with your architects, builders, and landscaping contractors, to get the best effects in your garden and on your home. They also provide maintenance services for all outdoor landscape and security lighting systems. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems provides complimentary consultations and estimates. Their commitment to customers extends to free service calls for a year after installation.

The most critical part of an effective and sustainable outdoor landscape lighting installation, is the correct selection of components that meet the requirements of the lighting plan, have low maintenance requirements, keep their structural integrity when exposed to the elements, and are low energy consumers.

Light Fittings

Great outdoor lights will add “kerb” appeal and ambiance to any home. The outdoor landscape lights that you choose consists of two parts, the fitting/mount, and the globe. When specifying the design of the light fitting for your outdoor lighting system, you need to determine whether it is concealed or in open view, which will affect the aesthetic appearance of your installation.

All exterior outdoor light fittings are susceptible to the ravages of ultra-violet light, temperature extremes, water, and the occasional knock from pedestrian traffic or garden implements. The extent of this risk will determine how robust the light fittings must be.

Globes and Voltage System

Your outdoor lighting installation can be designed to operate on “line voltage”, the 120 volt current from your house, or on a low-voltage system that operates on 12 volts. 12-volt systems are “stepped down” through transformers from your home’s 120 volt supply, and are generally recommended in smaller installations, as well as where there is continual exposure to water.

There are a wide variety of bulb types that can be used in outdoor landscape lighting designs, but must be compatible with the lamp fitting and voltage supply. Types of bulbs made specifically for outdoor applications include fluorescent, incandescent, CFL or LED. LED or Light Emitting Diodes is now the most popular type of lighting technology used in outdoor lighting installations (both 120 volt and 12 volt systems) as they are more efficient at converting energy to light, and therefore radiate less heat than other lights. They can use less than 90% less power than equivalent incandescent bulbs.

Sensors Timers and Control Systems

The operation of your outdoor lighting installation is managed by either a timer, which switches the system or parts of the system on and off at certain times, or motion sensors that activate the system when your premises are approached by moving objects, people or animals.

Outdoor lighting systems are also now part of a network of things, and can be activated through various controllers linked to computer systems, the internet, and mobile phone technology.

Wiring and Conduit

The specification of wiring is determined by the number of bulbs, power demand, and the total cable length of the outdoor landscape lighting installation. All outdoor wiring must be protected from damage and deterioration by good quality, strong and resilient conduit to prevent mechanical, water or sunlight damage.

Mounts, Brackets, Stands, and Fixtures

Mounts, brackets, stands, and fixtures enhance the aesthetics of your landscape lighting system and should not be overlooked for quality and safety of operation.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems has firmly entrenched themselves as the leading provider of outdoor landscape lighting in Marietta, Georgia. By offering the highest quality of products, professional designs, quality installation, as well as ongoing service and support for their customers, they should be your first choice when looking for outdoor installers of landscape lighting solutions.

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