Marietta Outdoor Lighting Company Puts Safety First When Installing LED Lighting


The Team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems shares their passion and commitment to the community through education and support.

According to the team at the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta, GA they are hearing about people injuring themselves, sometimes seriously, while installing their own outdoor lights, especially newer Outdoor LED Lighting Systems. On-site assessments of past landscape lighting projects and consultations also reveal unsafe practices that residents or other landscape lighting installers have been employing when putting up and connecting their outdoor lights that create potential hazards for people on the property.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems shared some basic safety tips that they hope will help their Marietta community stay safe when installing architectural lighting, landscape lighting and security lighting systems at homes and businesses.

According to Lindsey Rodericks, the outdoor lighting company’s expert advisor, safety should always be the first consideration when it comes to landscape and architectural lighting installations. With Christmas just around the corner, it is of utmost importance that people learn about safety around lighting installation. According to The Independent Online, 84 Americans were admitted to hospital over December 2016 due to injuries related to Christmas lights alone.

It is important not to rush a lighting system installation project says Lindsey Rodericks, as this is when most mistakes tend to happen. Basic considerations are points such as ensuring the main breaker(s) are switched off before installing new lights and using best practices when it comes to using ladders to reach the spots that are off ground level.

Remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and only use lights specifically designed for outdoor use. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems also noted that people are often tempted to modify and alter the lights they have bought. They strongly warn against this unless you have a sound knowledge of electrical installations and lighting fixtures. Considering that a professional company or landscape lighting installer should have a low voltage electrical license, it may be prudent to consult an expert like Southern Landscape Lighting Systems if you have any questions or apprehensions with your next outdoor lighting project.

The cables and cords from the lights can certainly become a safety risk if not properly installed and secured. Try to avoid running cables along walkways so as not to be a potential tripping hazard. Make sure that cables aren’t run through doors and windows where they might be damaged and while it may be obvious, never run cables through pools or water features. All outdoor connection points must be waterproofed or sheltered.

Finally, they say that if you want to take your safety yet one more step further, you can install a safety switch, or get an expert to do this for you.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is proud of their 100% safety record and their commitment to the continued education means that Marietta landscape lighting customers have peace of mind and confidence in their outdoor lights. An installation by the team will last for years to come and can be installed in family-friendly gardens that are used by children (as well as their pets).

For more information and support you can contact a friendly consultant at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems and they’ll be able to guide you through the process for choosing an outdoor lighting system that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing while adding to exterior security of your home and increasing its value.


Southern Landscape Lighting Systems provide exceptional service by knowledgeable staff to residents and business owners in Marietta as well as Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and Acworth. They specialize in low voltage landscape lighting design and installation and have a low voltage electrical license.

With years of continued reliable service, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems perfectly highlights the best features of outdoor areas whether to fulfill ambiance, safety or security needs.

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