Nine Tips for Winter Maintenance of Landscape Lighting Systems in Acworth, GA

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems helps homeowners keep their landscape lighting systems in top shape through the winter months.

Landscape lighting highlights a residence in its various parts such as a garden area, a water feature, a walkway, or a deck. A system artfully designed by a landscape lighting contractor unifies the entire property much as a painter blends thousands of strokes to create a painting. Each lighting fixture and its positioning is essential to the beauty of the whole.

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Due to shorter days, the winter months are when a lighting system is used most frequently. With the vegetation absent from plants, it is much easier to spot system issues such as bulb outages, exposed wires, and misaligned fixtures. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth, GA offers nine landscape lighting maintenance tips for this winter.

1. Be safe

Be sure to turn off the power to the lights before handling and cleaning any fixtures.

2. Stay safe and secure

When all lights are functioning and bright, walkways, stairs, paths, and outdoor living spaces are safer. A well-lit residence or business is a much less likely target for intruders. When performing winter maintenance, consider these more mundane but vital matters.  

3. Remove fallen leaves and other lawn debris

Fallen leaves and other lawn and garden debris can conceal fixtures and obstruct their light, creating safety and security hazards. Halogen bulbs can become so hot that they can scorch leaves and become a fire hazard.

4. Inspect the system for exposed cables and re-bury them

It is not uncommon for cables to work their way to the surface and become exposed, especially in high traffic areas, near lighting fixtures, or at sites where the weather has been particularly unkind. Making sure everything is back underground will reduce trip hazards around a property.

5. Replace bulb burnouts or LED lights that are burning dimly

Homeowners who have not converted to LED lights should consider making the switch this winter. When a halogen bulb burns out, more current flows to the other lights, which reduces their lifespan. LED bulbs require less maintenance and can last up to 75,000 hours.

6. Perform landscape maintenance

Cutting back foliage around fixtures will keep lights unobstructed until next spring. Homeowners can trim bushes, shrubs, and other plant foliage, and prune small, accessible low-hanging limbs. To stay safe, a property owner should not prune any foliage above their head since limbs could fall and cause injury.

7. Re-position shifted lights

Lights can shift due to high winds, heavy flooding, or impact. If vegetation conceals fixtures from view, lawn maintenance crews can unwittingly dislodge lights with a mower, weed eater, or high-velocity blower.

8. Adjust the timer

With the shortened winter days, the homeowner must ensure that the lighting system activates before dark. Working with the system timer can require a measure of the facility with technology that some homeowners may not possess. Landscape lighting experts, such as the team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth, can set the timer up properly.

9. Schedule an annual check-up for the system and for a review of the overall design

Winter is a good time to move things around, to address landscaping issues, to plan for future building projects, or to add hardscapes. Homeowners may want additional landscape lighting installation if their property has recently had a landscape redesign. On the other hand, a lighting system may need significant repairs that are beyond the scope of the homeowner’s abilities. Whether a property owner wants a new design, a simple landscape lighting addition, a conversion to LED from halogen lights, or a new architectural lighting installation, winter is a great time to discuss lighting system updates with one of the professionals from Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth is well-known for its design and installation of quality outdoor lighting that is uniquely customized to the needs of clients. The landscape lighting company’s bespoke lighting installations are designed to accentuate the unique features of each client’s outdoor area while keeping a focus on the area’s security needs.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems has a strong track record of offering professional design and installation solutions using only the highest quality products. The team’s commitment to customer service is exemplary, and they have distinguished themselves as a leading outdoor lighting company.

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