Outdoor LED Lights: What’s What With Spot Lights

If you’ve made the decision to use outdoor LED lights to illuminate your property, the chances are you’ve seen a variety of different types of LED lighting. There are lights for walls, wells, water, paths, as well as different speciality lighting. One of the most popular choices amongst customers of Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is LED spot lights. This is a versatile type of lighting that can be used to create many different effects on your landscape. We’ll take a look at some of the uses and the key information you should know about before you buy your outdoor LED spot lights.

Style and Safety

Outdoor LED lights highlight your home and property to make it safer and more visually appealing on a night. As well as keeping stairs, paths, and doorways well-lit and safe, LED lighting can accent different areas of your landscape to create some stunning effects. Spot lights can do both functions, and there’s a variety of LED spot lights available from Southern Landscape Lighting Systems that can create the perfect look for you.

Types of Lighting

Aside from style and safety, outdoor lighting can have several different purposes:

  • Overall lighting: if you want to illuminate a wide-open area, overall lighting is the type you want to use. Often, a shroud will help to boost the range and focus of this type of LED light.
  • Accent lighting: as the name suggests, if you need to highlight a specific area or object in your garden, accent lighting is used. This is where spotlights are most often implemented.
  • Task lighting: areas that perform a specific function, such as garden paths, are often lit with task lighting.

When it comes to spotlights, there are different options to choose from. Some are small and discreet, with the purpose of highlighting small, specific areas from the ground. Others are designed to hang from a surface to highlight wider areas. Both can be used in conjunction.

LED vs Incandescent

When researching outdoor lighting, you’ll likely see that there are two main categories: LED and incandescent. But which should you choose? There are a number of benefits that LED spotlights have over incandescent alternatives:

  • LED lighting is more efficient: although initial outlay may be a little more for LEDs, they are far more energy efficient in the long run.
  • LED lighting lasts longer: incandescent lighting does not last as long as LED, meaning you’ll have to replace them more often.
  • LED lighting can be smaller: outdoor lighting should be discreet, illuminating the area without drawing attention to the fixtures. LED lighting can scale down more than incandescent, making it able to fit in tighter spaces.

Spot lights are a versatile way of lighting your nightscape, and work well when combined with other types of outdoor LED lighting. They can highlight whole areas or accent key features, creating a range of effects. With a wide range available at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, that services Brookhaven, Atlanta, Sandy Springs and other cities. Call them on (678) 324-6842 to book an appointment for some expert advice.

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