Outdoor Lighting Company in Marietta GA Wins Award in Landscape Lighting Design

Award-Winning Landscape Lighting Design for Marietta Residents

Outdoor Lighting Companies in Marietta

Are you in search of a Marietta landscape lighting design company and landscape lighting installation services that can truly change the entire look and feel of your home at night?

As a leading local landscape lighting company, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is building a strong reputation by offering one of the best outdoor lighting systems in  Marietta, GA. With recognized landscape lighting expert, Lindsey Rodericks, leading the SLLS team with lighting design, installation and maintenance services for Marietta area residents, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems prides itself on years of experience in the field of landscape lighting, security lighting and architectural lighting.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, only if one remembers to turn on the lights”

Outdoor LED Lighting a Top-Notch Choice for Security and Curb-Appeal

Outdoor LED lighting has become popular in homes as a form of adding beauty to the house and garden at night.  It creates and atmosphere of relaxation outside with families and friends. Most importantly the landscape lighting design should incorporate a focus on security lighting where all areas of your yard are strategically lit to reduce the chances of break-ins.

Landscape lighting design and installation services are gaining more popularity with the advancement in LED technology in recent years. Cheap landscape lighting systems purchased and installed by a homeowner have a very short lifespan and most cheap systems need repair or replacement in 12 months or less. This becomes a very costly endeavor for the average homeowner who wants to secure and enhance their home’s exterior and landscapes with landscape and security lighting applications.

LED lights can last up to 20 years. This makes it a better choice in the area of outdoor lighting. People are always faced with the question, “If outdoor lighting is something I should consider, how do I get started?” and “Why I should use LED lights?”

Hire an Authority in Marietta Landscape Lighting

Exterior lighting systems can be complex for anyone who is not a landscape lighting contractor. Little but important details are often overlooked such as light pollution. It can be extremely frustrating to invest one’s valuable time and money into a project, only to have it turn out completely different than what was envisioned or sadly have it not work after a couple of months.  Outdoor lighting as an art form and if done correctly can add great value to your property.

What people forget most of the times is that installing outdoor lights can be potentially dangerous. A sound understanding of electrical installations is highly recommended. It is simpler and safer to hire one of the best landscape lighting companies in Marietta GA. Make sure they have a low voltage electrical license and experienced staff so that you, your family and your home are safe.

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Lindsey Rodericks a Recognized Landscape Lighting Authority

In-depth knowledge of the latest technology in the field of LED landscape lighting and how to reduce the waste of cheap lighting systems and fixtures are just some of the reasons why choosing Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta is the best choice for all your landscape lighting design needs. When selecting a landscape lighting company, these essential areas should be considered before making a decision on which landscape lighting company is the right fit for your next exterior lighting project.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta, GA is a certified low voltage electrical contractor that specializes in LED landscape lighting. The next time you are searching for a landscape lighting contractor in Marietta and its environs, you can always reach out to Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. Sometimes, they are out of the office doing onsite consultations and therefore are not in office during regular office hours, as such clients should book an appointment before visiting the store.

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