Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Halloween in Atlanta

Whether you have an existing landscape lighting design or if you’re getting ready to install one, there are a couple of holidays during the year where you can take your current installation and transfer it into something spectacular.

One of our favorite holidays to celebrate is Halloween, with all the families out on the streets, it’s possibly the best time to showcase your garden and show off to your neighbors.

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Existing Landscape Lights


Floodlight beams can be redirected to highlight your decorations such as tombstones. Don’t use them to highlight other features that already have their own lighting source (such as Jack-o-Lanterns) as this will reduce the effectiveness of the display.

LED Lamps

If you have LED lights installed throughout your garden, these can be safely transformed into jack-o-lanterns as LED lights don’t burn as hot as incandescent bulbs. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a thin jack-o-lantern cover (such as the buckets that kids use for trick or treating) and cut it so that it fits comfortably over the LED light. It can be secured in place with adhesive. Take care not to let the plastic touch the bulb as a safety precaution.

Note: We would suggest that you check with your Atlanta landscape lighting company that this is safe to do in your garden based on the lighting installation that is in place.

If you feel that you’ve used your existing architectural lighting to its best advantage, there are a couple of additions that you can make that are inexpensive but add that extra scare factor to your yard.

Fun Additions

Investing in a couple of high-quality Halloween-specific outdoor lights is a good idea as they can be reused annually. If you are using LED lighting, they will last for years and can easily be stored between celebrations.

Light Strings

With Halloween around the corner, the shops are full to the brim of Halloween-inspired decor ideas. There are hundreds of different types of lighting strings to choose from that can be draped around trees, strung across your patio or outdoor area, or installed around your exterior windows and doors.

Some popular options include strings of eyeballs, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts or bats. You can even get creative and use strings of regular LED lights to create decorations such as spider webs or spooky faces.

Do you need some help customizing your Halloween-themed yard?

The team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, Atlanta (and the neighboring Sandy Springs) would love to help you celebrate Halloween. They’ll be able to advise how to integrate your ideas into your current LED lighting installation and give pointers on a lighting display that you can use for the next couple of years.

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