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Do you have a general idea of what you want your outdoor lighting to do but don’t know how to go about it? Why not check out the different types of outdoor lighting that you’re drawn to? In this article, we discuss outdoor lighting, including some landscape lighting tips straight from the professionals at landscape lighting companies in Alpharetta, Georgia!

With so many different landscape lights in the market, you should be able to find the one that suits your taste, style and budget. You can go for soft lighting for some areas, while for other areas, you might want it bright. Watt indicates electricity consumption, but some lightings emit more than others, even with the same watt. Consider that the wider the light throw distance or the more intensity you need, the more output you’ll need.

LEDs, Energy Savings, and Efficiency

Some types of lighting are more efficient compared to others. Low voltage lights, can save on electricity by focusing light beams, but it typically does not have the line voltage’s equivalent beam throw. The more up-to-date 65-watt and 120-watt incandescent bulbs produce a maximum of twenty-five percent more light. Newer compact fluorescent lights give the high level of savings in terms of energy and the softest lighting. Mercury vapor lights give high illumination as well as energy savings, but they have a cool color.

The best lights would have to be LED lights which have LED arrays built in. Outdoor LED lighting is one of the favorites for landscape lighting. They can last for years, removing the need for always changing the light. Since they also use little energy, you can put in more lights attached to the same transformer. You can even use a more affordable and smaller transformer.


Fluorescents lights can be utilized for banisters, walls, and signs. These lights usually give off a soft light quality and are also a top saver for energy.

High Pressure Sodium/Mercury Vapor

This group of lighting offers intense light at an affordable energy cost. Their color creations limit use and they do not come on readily with a flick of the switch as  they need warm up time.

Incandescent A

The incandescent A is a general type usually used at home. They are affordable, but has less light compared to other incandescent lights.

Incandescent B

Incandescent B is a reflector, either concentrated or flood spotlight. This has twice the output of incandescent A lights.

Incandescent Tungsten-Halogen/Quartz

This kind of light gives off a bright light consistently. This is available as a projector or a reflector type and can fit in less obtrusive and smaller fixtures.

Now knowing the kind of lights you might need and want for your lighting, it is also wise to consider few tips for your outdoor lighting. Here is what Southern Landscape Lighting Systems suggests:

First, disguise the landscape lighting source as much as possible. That is, except whenever the fixture is decorative. Second, do not overdo it. Just a little light can go a long way in the evenings. Third, try to be creative by mixing a couple of light techniques. Fourth, put in an automatic device such as a timer that can turn the lights off and on. Lastly, consider your neighbors’ circumstances. Make sure the lights don’t shine on their windows.

If you want more pro tips and consulting on your outdoor lighting, contact us at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. We are your landscape lighting contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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