Techniques for Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

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Getting an outdoor landscape lighting system for your home is a wonderful way to incorporate curb appeal, beauty, and even safety to your driveway, and entrance. In addition, if you already have some kind of lighting system installed, this can be adapted or enhanced through updated styles, layouts, and such. In this article, we discuss some of the better-known techniques for landscape lighting, so you’ll know which landscape lighting companies to engage for landscape lighting installation in Acworth, GA.

Area Lighting or Down Lighting

Area lighting or down lighting – lighting units are installed high on your house or on trees to create wide illumination. This type lighting system allows  you to entertain whenever you’re outdoors, at your backyard in the evening and also serve as a tool for safety and security lighting. If you want to highlight steps, paths, or flowerbeds, the down light can be placed near to the ground.

Cross Lighting

When you illuminate a statue or a tree from two or more sides, it shows up it’s 3-dimensional form.

Diffused or Spread Lighting

If you want circular light patterns on flowerbeds, ground cover, or bigger shrubbery, you can spread the lights to cover a bigger area using low-level lighting. Some units, like bollards, create diffused soft lighting for pathways, driveways, deck lighting, and patios.


Placing your light near a surface with some interest can bring about the texture of a masonry wall, a tree bark, a pretty door, or wood shingles. It is not suggested to do this for smooth surfaces.


Similar to down lighting, but making use of light sources that are soft and positioned extremely high, this creates a simulated effect of moonlight going through branches, designing pretty shadow patterns.

Pool and Fountain Lighting

Underwater lighting makes dramatic effects on fountains and pools. Put in a dimmer for turning the lights up for more excitement. You can use the water as a mirror through lighting the area behind a reflecting surface.


Shadowing lights up the object from below and up front to make for intriguing shadows appear on vertical surfaces, like the wall.


If you hid your lights below and behind a bush or trees, you get that great impact, somewhat like a ridge silhouetted by the sky during dusk.

Spot or Accent Lighting

Landscape spotlights concentrate on intense and controlled beams so as to underscore the central parts of your garden lights such as your statuary, shrubs, and flowers. This makes for twinkling islands of curiosity in your plan for landscape lighting.


Uplighting has lights aimed up or at times buried in the ground. This creates a truly dramatic impact. You can use it if you have interesting textured walls, a statue, or trees. Swirling snow or autumn leaves give wonderful effects with this technique. Concentrate the lights on key objects or plants found in your yard.

If you have questions or need help with the design and installation of your landscape lighting, contact the experts at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. We’re a landscape lighting company in Acworth, Georgia with a professional but friendly team.

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