Architectural lighting is the use of light to enhance your home. Not only does it show off your home’s best features, it also increases security and safety for your family and guests. But simply buying lights and placing them around your home may not accomplish your goals. Here are a few tips for effective architectural lighting in Marietta, GA home.

Don’t Use Too Much Light

Too much light can seem like overkill. Instead of continuous light everywhere, focus on key areas. Highlight important areas such as patio seating, grilling areas, steps, walkways, and some plants and trees in the yard (to avoid the perception of a “great dark beyond”). Avoid using very bright lights that will create a glare. Instead, go for softer lights and spread them around. Make sure to position lights carefully, and check them often. Also make sure that lights have fixtures to shield or reflect. This will concentrate the light where you need it and prevents glare.

Make Use of Different Lighting Types

There are different types of lighting to consider. Task lighting is used for a specific purpose, such as lighting steps and paths for safety. Accent lighting focuses on an object or area, usually with spotlights.

Choose the Right Type of Light

There are many different lighting options out there, including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lights. LED lights typically offer the best value. They cost a little more than the others (for now – their prices are steadily decreasing), but they last much longer and consume less energy. That makes them safer to use, and reduces costs in the long run in the form of fewer replacements and lower electric bills.

Don’t Forget About Walls

Accenting your home means accenting the walls, too. After all, they represent a significant portion of your home and really shouldn’t be neglected when considering areas to highlight. This can be accomplished with either washing or grazing. “Washing” a wall means directing a wide beam of light from a few feet away. Positioning lights the right way can also “graze” a wall. Either option will show off the wall, and provide some subtle accent to nearby features, such as plants.

Consult a Professional

The best way to ensure your home is properly enhanced by landscape lighting is to call a professional for a consultation. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta, GA, can provide a free on-site consultation, as well as a free nighttime demonstration. We will help you design your landscape lighting, choose the right lights and equipment, install all components, and perform maintenance. Our warranty program includes protection for 20 years minimum – the longest warranty in the industry.

We have been serving Acworth, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta and surrounding areas for about a decade, providing excellent service to hundreds of residences, businesses, and homeowners’ associations. But don’t take our word for it – read reviews from other customers. You can also call us at (678) 616-9166 with any questions for our experienced staff, and to schedule your free consultation. And once you’ve seen the superior service we have to offer, feel free to leave a comment below with your own review!

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