Why Using An Outdoor Lighting Installation Company Is So Important

Well-installed lighting not only helps create a really good ambiance in your home, it can also make it look beautiful too and it certainly adds tremendous security to a property.

With low-voltage landscape lighting systems, consumers can choose to go the DIY route or take the safe option and hire a professional. While it is true that you might save some money by handling the job by yourself, hiring a professional landscape lighting company is the only way to get the results you want, especially if you are looking at Outdoor LED lighting systems for their quality in all respects along with the savings that come from investing in LED vs traditional Halogen lighting.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is a company that takes great pride in providing the best possible outdoor lighting products and expertise in lighting design and installation. We make everything from the quoting, design and installation process to the end result, the best it can possibly be. Here are five reasons why you should think about hiring experts like Southern Landscape Lighting Systems to undertake your next landscape lighting project.

1.) Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is up-to-date with all the latest products and technologies.

In today’s high-tech world, even professional lighting installation specialists such as ourselves have to work hard to keep up with the latest trends and developments, especially when dealing with LED lighting. We keep abreast of all new innovations in the field of lighting including the latest lighting product releases. We also make sure that our landscape lighting contractors are kept up to date with the best installation techniques so that we always offer the best service money can buy.

2.) We have well-trained professionals.

We have all experienced frustrations when undertaking home improvement projects. Whether it was a difficult painting job or a kitchen took months to complete, these jobs can become a real nightmare. Lighting installation is no different. Many times the fault actually lies with the contractor or the handyman you hired to do the job.

SLLS can fully design your lighting system and we only use properly trained technicians to handle the lighting installation processes. All of our professionals are extremely adaptable and ready to serve you, our customer.

3.) SLLS offers a maintenance plan and service.

You’ve seen it before… a home or commercial property that has half of the landscape lights working and half of them are non-functional. This becomes especially obvious at night, if the system still works and turns on with landscape lighting or the system failing. Let’s face it, you do get what you pay for in most situations in life and certainly, landscape lighting is no different. We don’t recommend cheap halogen or LED lighting fixtures for the very reason that they fail quickly when faced with the outdoor elements of rain, moisture, heat, etc. The cost of replacing and maintaining a system that has failure built in due to low quality fixtures ends up costing a customer more over a 5 year period than having one quality LED lighting system installed by a professional with annual maintenance. In fact, our top quality line of outdoor LED lighting fixtures and system comes with a 20-year warranty on it when properly installed and maintained.

4.) SLLS is flexible.

Not only can we quickly adapt to any changes that you might want to make but we are also extremely flexible in other ways. Since large-scale lighting installations are usually part of a larger home or garden renovation project, we realize that we sometimes have to work around other people or technologies that are already there.

SLLS staff are trained to complete their task even if some existing systems required for the lighting system have been installed by another company. We can conduct our own safety checks and diagnostics to ensure the integrity of the system and to establish what if any repairs or upgrades need to be made.

5.) SLLS provides peace of mind.

System or lighting installation errors can happen for lots of reasons. SLLS professionals are trained to quickly find the cause of such issues and to repair them. Even with larger lighting installations, our experts will run through checks to ensure that the whole system is working fine before they finish.

Unless you are a qualified electrician, going down the DIY route with your lighting installation can definitely end up costing you more. So take the safe option and give us a call.

For more information on Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, visit our official website now.

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