Landscape Lighting Company Offers Acworth, GA, Residents Dock Lighting Tips

A dock at the lake house functions much like a backyard deck. In some designs, the deck and the pier merge smoothly from one to the other to provide a seamless outdoor living space from the lake house to the lake. An LED lighting solution extends the usefulness of the pier and dock into the evening hours.

led landscape lighting

A safe solution for a safer outdoor living space

An LED lighting system is a safe solution for pier and dock lighting needs at the lake house. The low-voltage lighting system is superior to systems that use a 120V power source. Water and electricity do not mix. When they do, the consequences can be fatal. Illuminating a pier, dock, or waterfront with standard 120v electricity and incandescent or halogen light fixtures is potentially dangerous. LED technology is safe, especially around water. LED lighting is cool to the touch making the application ideal for an environment where children and pets are involved.

Sitting out under the stars, enjoying an evening swim, and fishing off the pier are much safer under proper lighting. How is it possible to stargaze when the pier is safely illuminated? Having a system that is divided into zones that can be controlled by a phone app means the stargazer can walk to the pier in a comfortably safe luminance and then subdue or eliminate the illumination from a smartphone to obtain full gazing enjoyment. Working with a lighting designer skilled in pier, dock, and waterfront lighting solutions can enable a homeowner to achieve the best results.

Energy-efficient, long-lasting, and cost-effective

LED lighting technology uses twenty percent of the energy of other lighting solutions. Less energy consumption for a much greater light output translates into lower energy bills. LED bulbs for application in water can last up to 100,000 hours before needing to be replaced. At eight hours per day, a bulb will emit light for over thirty years. This longevity lowers the expense of maintaining the system.


Outdoor pier and dock lighting fixtures and bulbs take a pounding from the elements and the waves from high winds, storms, boats, and other watercraft. LED technology is perfect for withstanding the rugged environment. This durability also contributes to the cost-saving feature of the solution. The fixtures and bulbs need much less maintenance and repair than other solutions.


LED technology allows for lighting fixtures that have a slim, sleek profile. Seeing the light without noticing the fixture adds a magical touch to both pier and deck lighting. LED light fixtures can be strategically mounted and aimed so that identifying the light source is challenging. When constructing or upgrading a pier or dock, coordinating the efforts of the construction and lighting design teams can lead to a sophisticated creation.

Lighting tips for fun while fishing

An LED lighting solution is the best tool to maximize a nighttime fishing experience from a dock. The durability of the fixture means minimal maintenance. When there is time to go fishing, there is light to go fishing.

LED lights come in a variety of colors and can even change color when desired. The versatility of the LED solution makes it the superior choice for dock fishing. Underwater dock lighting can be used to create ambiance, enhance safety, or attract fish. Submerging the LED lights 3-6 inches underwater will reduce the number of bugs that otherwise would be attracted by the bright light. The bugs that are attracted to the lights will further entice the likes of lurking fish, hungry for plentiful snacks.

Go green

Green and then white are best for freshwater lakes and intercoastal areas. If the lake water is murky, go with a green light. Green has the shortest wavelength and will penetrate further into the water before it scatters. A dock with green lighting will attract more bait fish, which will attract the desirable game fish. Blue also has a short wavelength that reaches deep into murky waters. Bait fish and bugs are drawn to the vibrant and crisp light effect created in the nighttime water.

led landscape lighting


LED lighting is safe, cost-effective, durable, and incredibly versatile, making it perfect for the dock at the lake house. For more information about LED lighting solutions, visit the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems website at Contact the office by phone at (678) 324-6842.

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