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Marietta Outdoor Lighting Company Shows Safety First When Installing LED Lighting

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The Team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems shares their passion and commitment to the community through education and support.

According to the team at the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta, GA they are all too often coming across stories of people injuring themselves, sometimes seriously, while installing their own outdoor lights. On-site assessment and consultations also reveal unsafe practices that residents have been employing when putting up and connecting their outdoor lights that create potential hazards for people on the property.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems shared some basic safety tips that they hope will help their community stay safe when creating architectural lighting systems at homes and businesses.

According to the outdoor lighting company’s expert advice, safety should always be the first consideration when it comes to lighting. With Christmas just around the corner, it is of utmost importance that people learn about safety around lighting installation. According to The Independent Online, 84 Americans were admitted to hospital over December 2016 due to injuries related to Christmas lights.

It is important not to rush, they say, as this is when most mistakes tend to happen. Basic considerations are points such as ensuring the mains are switched off before plugging in lights, and if you are using a ladder that it is secure and stable before using.

Remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and only use lights specifically designed for outdoor use. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems also noted that people are often tempted to modify and alter the lights they have bought. They strongly warn against this unless you have a sound knowledge of electrical installations. Considering that they have a low voltage electrical license, it may be prudent to consult an expert if you have any queries.

Also, of great importance is to keep an eye on young children around the lights as there are often smaller items like the globes on string lights that are all too easy to inhale or swallow.

Marietta Outdoor Lighting Company, Marietta Landscape Lighting CompanyThe cables and cords from the lights can themselves become a safety risk. Try to avoid running cables along walkways so as not to be a potential tripping hazard. Make sure that cables aren’t run through doors and windows where they might be squashed or damaged and never run cables through pools or water features. All outdoor connection points must be waterproofed or sheltered.

Finally, they say that if you want to take your safety yet one more step further, you can install a safety switch, or get an expert to do this for you.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is proud of their 100% safety record and their commitment to the continued education means that Marietta landscape lighting customers have peace of mind and confidence in their outdoor lights. An installation by the team will last for years to come and can be installed in family-friendly gardens that are used by children (as well as their pets).

For more information and support you can contact a friendly consultant at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems and they’ll be able to guide you through the process for choosing an outdoor lighting installation that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.


Southern Landscape Lighting Systems provide exceptional service by knowledgeable staff to residents and business owners in Marietta as well as Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and Acworth. They specialize in low voltage landscape lighting design and installation and have a low voltage electrical license.

With years of continued reliable service, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems perfectly highlights the best features of outdoor areas whether to fulfill ambiance, safety or security needs.

Marietta Landscape Lighting Company Offers Complimentary Consultation & Estimate

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Get a Free In-Home Consultation & Estimate in Marietta GA Now!

As award-winning landscape lighting companies near Marietta GAexperts in outdoor lighting, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta GA is proving their commitment to high-quality customer support with their expanded range of services including complimentary in-home consultations and estimates.

The in-home consultations include a free day-time appointment where a landscape lighting installer will visit your home or business to discuss the options for illuminating specific areas. They also offer the option to have this part of the process completed remotely where clients will send the landscape lighting contractor pictures of the areas of the home and property that need to be illuminated.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems will then answer questions on the types of landscape lighting and security lighting products and materials that they would recommend and well as explaining the difference between using halogen versus a more efficient LED landscape lighting product and installation. They will also offer guidance on the number of fixtures to be installed, the types of outdoor lighting fixtures that are likely to be most effective and will give an honest estimate for your residential landscape lighting project.

As an award-winning outdoor lighting company, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems also offers excellent after-sales support, providing lens cleaning services, assistance with re-burying wires that have become exposed, replacing timer batteries when needed and the adjustment and re-aiming of fixtures if applicable. In addition, they are also equipped to implement the replacement of halogen bulbs and can provide any and all needed landscape lighting system maintenance and repair.

Their commitment to customers includes free service calls for a year following the successful completion of a quality outdoor lighting installation by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. And, as industry leaders in exterior lighting, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems highly recommends integrated LED technologies for all applications of a new outdoor, landscape or security lighting project.

The importance of a reputable landscape lighting solution cannot be over-estimated. A recent study found that outdoor security lighting contributes to a reduction in crime by around 39%. The study, conducted in New York City, highlighted that the decrease in crime levels was explicitly correlated to crimes committed during the night.

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Southern Landscape Lighting Systems provides a thorough consultation to find the best way to ensure that your home is protected and well represented visually at night.

High-quality outdoor lighting installations also help to reduce the rate of night-time accidents such as falls significantly. Falls are the number one cause of fractures and hospital admissions, and more than 60% of falls happen at home. Outdoor areas that have inadequate lighting present a safety hazard. This is especially true for areas where paving may be uneven and where there are obstructions such as patio furniture, overgrown shrubs, or a lack of railings.

Southern Landscape Lighting Solution’s reputation precedes them as they consistently receive five-star reviews with customers commenting on the level of professionalism, quality products and landscape lighting installation service along with competitive pricing. Clients felt that the team was honest and helpful with many noting that they would recommend their services to friends and family. Some clients have gone on to use their services in a second home, proving that the company consistently delivers over and above their client’s expectations.


Southern Landscape Lighting Systems designs and installs outdoor lighting that is customized to the requirements of their clients. Each landscape lighting system is designed to accentuate the unique features of each home, garden, or business while ensuring that the system is optimized for the area’s security needs as well. They also service the neighboring communities of the North Atlanta region, Alpharetta, Roswell, Buckhead, Kennesaw, Holly Springs and Sandy Springs.

By offering the highest quality of products, professional design, and installation, as well as ongoing service and support for their customers, Southern Landscape Lighting Solutions has firmly entrenched themselves as the leading provider of outdoor and landscape lighting in Marietta Georgia.

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What is Low Voltage Landscape Lighting and How Does It Work?

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Low voltage outdoor lighting is an investment you can make into your home that makes a big difference to how your property looks at dusk and into the evening. It adds value to your home, upping its curbside appeal while offering safety (as outdoor areas are well-illuminated there are fewer opportunities for bumps and falls at night) and security by casting light into the dark corners of your property.

Low voltage landscape lighting in Alpharetta is typically installed along walkways, to illuminate steps and driveways or placed on ground level pointing up at trees, walls and fences, and other landscape features.

What is Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Low voltage outdoor lighting means that the landscape lighting system runs with a transformer that converts the line voltage of 120 volts down to 12 volts. Low voltage lighting was initially developed specifically for landscape lighting in America in the 1950’s. A low voltage system has the advantage of being less expensive, safer for you and your family and in many cases (particularly if you use LED lights) more energy efficient.

What are The Key Features?

A typical landscape lighting design that uses a low voltage solution has three components:  a transformer, low-voltage electrical cable, and the fixtures.

1. The Transformer

All transformers have a ‘maximum wattage capacity’ where, for example, a 150-watt transformer will provide power to a light circuit with a demand of up to 150 watts. To work out what size transformer you will need, decide what light fittings you want to use and where you wish to place them in your yard to get an idea of how many lights you will be using and how much power they will draw. Then calculate the capacity that your transformer will need, factor in a buffer so that additional lights can be added to the circuit at a later stage if necessary.

2. Cables

Cables used for landscape lighting should be well insulated and work for low-voltage systems. During installation, the cables will be run along the ground, with wires placed behind plants or lightly covered with soil. They should be easy to access for maintenance but out of reach of pets and children.

3. Fixtures

There are many different lights to choose from that are distinguishable by their usage, style, and type. For example, path lights are the ideal solution for lighting walkways and steps, while spotlights are an effective solution for drawing attention to an outdoor feature such as a beautiful tree or fountain.

LED landscape lighting is also growing in popularity; and this energy-efficient solution works well for both traditional and modern landscape lighting designs.

Good-quality low voltage outdoor lighting installations in Alpharetta are a flexible, safe to use, fully-customizable alternative to bright floodlights. Because there are many different options for fixtures, they can be positioned throughout your yard to highlight important features, as well as improving the safety of your garden and securing it against potential criminals.

Using a certified landscape lighting company is a good way to ensure that you understand exactly what you will need for your yard. They are also often able to secure better prices on fixtures and have the benefit of years of experience that they can draw on to make your installation a success.

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Outdoor Light Installation Ideas to Transform Your Home in Atlanta, GA

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Outdoor Lighting Installer Atlanta GA, Outdoor Light Installation Atlanta GA, Landscape Company Atlanta GA, Landscape Lighting Atlanta GA, led lighting Atlanta GA, outdoor lighting Atlanta GA, landscape lighting company Atlanta GA, landscape lighting installation Atlanta GA, landscape lighting contractor Atlanta GA, best landscape lighting company Atlanta GA, led outdoor lights installers Atlanta GA, architectural lighting Atlanta GA, outdoor led lights Atlanta GA, outdoor lighting installation Atlanta GAOften homeowners pull out all the stops to transform their outdoor area into the garden of their dreams. But then, as night falls, all that hard work goes unseen and unappreciated. But there’s no need for this, with the strategic installation of a few landscape lights you can enjoy your outdoor area, even after dark.


If installing landscape lighting is the right solution for your home, but you don’t know where to start, read our 3-step guide to planning your perfect landscape lighting design.

3 Steps to Planning Your Landscape Lighting Installation

1. Decide which areas of your outdoor space you want to highlight

If you have a patio, pool or entertainment area, these will be places that you want to feature with outdoor lighting. Good ambient lighting will ensure that you use the area during the summer months to host friends and enjoy time with family.

Other areas that you could highlight:
● Trees – aim ground lights to shine onto the trunk and leaves.
● Planting beds – place lights 20 feet apart to create pools of light that draw the eye from one area to the next.
● Garden walls – position lights close to the base of walls to highlight the walls texture and features. This serves the additional purpose of acting as security lighting.
● Other focal points such as fountains and entrance ways – aim two or more lights at these areas to bring focus, and add additional brightness for safety.

2. Understand the different lighting options

Many modern outdoor lighting systems are low voltage, powered by LED bulbs as they offer a longer-lasting, more durable, lower maintenance option compared to incandescent alternatives.

LED lights are available in a range of colors, the most popular are “soft white” and “warm white” which offers a similar hue to incandescents, followed by “bright light” which gives a light color closest to daylight. Often different areas in the garden work well with different hues.

For the garden perimeter, bright lights are often used as they double up as effective security lighting, whereas areas that are used for entertaining such as a patio area would be better suited to “soft white” or “warm white” LED bulbs. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could always add some red or orange lights to the installation!

3. Find a reputable landscape lighting company

They will be able to help you cut down on the guesswork. Have a look at their reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google to make sure that they can deliver on their promises. And check that that have industry relevant certifications such as a low voltage license from HomeAdvisor, as well as service awards from independent reviewers like Angie’s List and Share your thoughts and preferences with them, then trust them to design a cost-effective, stunning solution for your outdoor lighting in Atlanta.

If you are struggling to visualize what the installation should look like, professional landscape lighting installers such as Southern Landscape Lighting Systems Acworth GA offer free consultations to give their clients a clear idea of how their lighting installation will look.

Creative Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Home in Alpharetta

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Landscape Lighting Alpharetta GA, led lighting Alpharetta GA, outdoor lighting Alpharetta GA, landscape lighting company Alpharetta GA, landscape lighting installation Alpharetta GA, landscape lighting contractor Alpharetta GA, best landscape lighting company Alpharetta GA, led outdoor lights installers Alpharetta GA, architectural lighting Alpharetta GA, outdoor led lights Alpharetta GA, outdoor lighting installation Alpharetta GAAlpharetta has a long-standing, well-deserved reputation as a vibrant Southern city offering a high quality of life for its residents. Part of its charm lies in the strong sense of community and welcoming locals who are quick to invite you into their homes, and the temperate climate that offers perfect weather for entertaining almost all year round.

Neighbors and friends frequently visit one another for barbeques, and this suburban area has a collection of the most beautiful gardens. If you’re living in Alpharetta and looking for some inspiration for your outside area – creative landscape lighting will breathe new life into your garden, patio, pool area or deck. Four trends on the horizon include LED string lights, fiber optic lights, colored lights and unconventional uses of spotlights and floodlights.

LED String Lights

LED string lights can be wound around trees in your yard to make a feature of them, or around a garden gazebo or trellises. It may take a bit of experimentation to find a look that works for your garden. LED lighting is an excellent option as it is energy saving and the strings add a modern feel to your landscape lighting installation. They also work well to frame an area such as outlining a window frame, doorway or patio.

Fiber Optic Lights

These are also a relatively recent addition to landscape lighting design, being incorporated into artistic outdoor installations that come in many styles and patterns such as birds and butterflies. Fiber optic lighting is set to become very popular as the demand for it increases, and there will soon be more exciting options that can be included in your landscape lighting installation.

Adding Color to Outdoor Lighting

Standardized harsh white lighting is a thing of the past. Creative landscape lighting installations make use of different colors to add texture and interest to a patio, pool area or garden. There are a number of ways to customize lights with color including fitting existing lights with light filters or color gels and newer lights such as LED landscape lights can be bought in different colors. It is also possible to make your own light colors using acetate filters.

Colored outdoor lighting does require some experimentation as not all colors look good and using too many different colors can look amateur.

Unconventional Uses of Conventional Lights


Spotlights are usually installed higher up, pointing down. But another way to use them would be to place them at ground level, pointing up or sideways, and have them highlight a tree or feature in your garden, around the perimeter of your patio or crisscrossed at regular intervals along a garden pathway.


These can be installed at the base of a tree or in a flower bed shining from the ground up (and they can be installed with different colors).

These exciting trends will liven up your next barbeque in Alpharetta. The easiest way to make sure that you get the look you want (and impress your friends and neighbors) is to use the best landscape lighting company in Alpharetta GA to bring your creative outdoor lighting ideas to life!


Techniques for Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

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Getting an outdoor landscape lighting system for your home is a wonderful way to incorporate curb appeal, beauty, and even safety to your driveway, and entrance. In addition, if you already have some kind of lighting system installed, this can be adapted or enhanced through updated styles, layouts, and such. In this article, we discuss some of the better-known techniques for landscape lighting, so you’ll know which landscape lighting companies to engage for landscape lighting installation in Acworth, GA.

Area Lighting or Down Lighting

Area lighting or down lighting – lighting units are installed high on your house or on trees to create wide illumination. This type lighting system allows  you to entertain whenever you’re outdoors, at your backyard in the evening and also serve as a tool for safety and security lighting. If you want to highlight steps, paths, or flowerbeds, the down light can be placed near to the ground.

Cross Lighting

When you illuminate a statue or a tree from two or more sides, it shows up it’s 3-dimensional form.

Diffused or Spread Lighting

If you want circular light patterns on flowerbeds, ground cover, or bigger shrubbery, you can spread the lights to cover a bigger area using low-level lighting. Some units, like bollards, create diffused soft lighting for pathways, driveways, deck lighting, and patios.


Placing your light near a surface with some interest can bring about the texture of a masonry wall, a tree bark, a pretty door, or wood shingles. It is not suggested to do this for smooth surfaces.


Similar to down lighting, but making use of light sources that are soft and positioned extremely high, this creates a simulated effect of moonlight going through branches, designing pretty shadow patterns.

Pool and Fountain Lighting

Underwater lighting makes dramatic effects on fountains and pools. Put in a dimmer for turning the lights up for more excitement. You can use the water as a mirror through lighting the area behind a reflecting surface.


Shadowing lights up the object from below and up front to make for intriguing shadows appear on vertical surfaces, like the wall.


If you hid your lights below and behind a bush or trees, you get that great impact, somewhat like a ridge silhouetted by the sky during dusk.

Spot or Accent Lighting

Landscape spotlights concentrate on intense and controlled beams so as to underscore the central parts of your garden lights such as your statuary, shrubs, and flowers. This makes for twinkling islands of curiosity in your plan for landscape lighting.


Uplighting has lights aimed up or at times buried in the ground. This creates a truly dramatic impact. You can use it if you have interesting textured walls, a statue, or trees. Swirling snow or autumn leaves give wonderful effects with this technique. Concentrate the lights on key objects or plants found in your yard.

If you have questions or need help with the design and installation of your landscape lighting, contact the experts at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. We’re a landscape lighting company in Acworth, Georgia with a professional but friendly team.