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Marietta Outdoor Lighting Company Puts Safety First When Installing LED Lighting

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The Team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems shares their passion and commitment to the community through education and support.

According to the team at the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta, GA they are hearing about people injuring themselves, sometimes seriously, while installing their own outdoor lights, especially newer Outdoor LED Lighting Systems. On-site assessments of past landscape lighting projects and consultations also reveal unsafe practices that residents or other landscape lighting installers have been employing when putting up and connecting their outdoor lights that create potential hazards for people on the property.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems shared some basic safety tips that they hope will help their Marietta community stay safe when installing architectural lighting, landscape lighting and security lighting systems at homes and businesses.

According to Lindsey Rodericks, the outdoor lighting company’s expert advisor, safety should always be the first consideration when it comes to landscape and architectural lighting installations. With Christmas just around the corner, it is of utmost importance that people learn about safety around lighting installation. According to The Independent Online, 84 Americans were admitted to hospital over December 2016 due to injuries related to Christmas lights alone.

It is important not to rush a lighting system installation project says Lindsey Rodericks, as this is when most mistakes tend to happen. Basic considerations are points such as ensuring the main breaker(s) are switched off before installing new lights and using best practices when it comes to using ladders to reach the spots that are off ground level.

Remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and only use lights specifically designed for outdoor use. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems also noted that people are often tempted to modify and alter the lights they have bought. They strongly warn against this unless you have a sound knowledge of electrical installations and lighting fixtures. Considering that a professional company or landscape lighting installer should have a low voltage electrical license, it may be prudent to consult an expert like Southern Landscape Lighting Systems if you have any questions or apprehensions with your next outdoor lighting project.

The cables and cords from the lights can certainly become a safety risk if not properly installed and secured. Try to avoid running cables along walkways so as not to be a potential tripping hazard. Make sure that cables aren’t run through doors and windows where they might be damaged and while it may be obvious, never run cables through pools or water features. All outdoor connection points must be waterproofed or sheltered.

Finally, they say that if you want to take your safety yet one more step further, you can install a safety switch, or get an expert to do this for you.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is proud of their 100% safety record and their commitment to the continued education means that Marietta landscape lighting customers have peace of mind and confidence in their outdoor lights. An installation by the team will last for years to come and can be installed in family-friendly gardens that are used by children (as well as their pets).

For more information and support you can contact a friendly consultant at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems and they’ll be able to guide you through the process for choosing an outdoor lighting system that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing while adding to exterior security of your home and increasing its value.


Southern Landscape Lighting Systems provide exceptional service by knowledgeable staff to residents and business owners in Marietta as well as Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and Acworth. They specialize in low voltage landscape lighting design and installation and have a low voltage electrical license.

With years of continued reliable service, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems perfectly highlights the best features of outdoor areas whether to fulfill ambiance, safety or security needs.

Marietta Landscape Lighting Company Offers Complimentary Consultation & Estimate

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Get a Free In-Home Consultation & Estimate in Marietta GA Now!

As award-winning landscape lighting companies near Marietta GAexperts in outdoor lighting, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta GA is proving their commitment to high-quality customer support with their expanded range of services including complimentary in-home consultations and estimates.

The in-home consultations include a free day-time appointment where a landscape lighting installer will visit your home or business to discuss the options for illuminating specific areas. They also offer the option to have this part of the process completed remotely where clients will send the landscape lighting contractor pictures of the areas of the home and property that need to be illuminated.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems will then answer questions on the types of landscape lighting and security lighting products and materials that they would recommend and well as explaining the difference between using halogen versus a more efficient LED landscape lighting product and installation. They will also offer guidance on the number of fixtures to be installed, the types of outdoor lighting fixtures that are likely to be most effective and will give an honest estimate for your residential landscape lighting project.

As an award-winning outdoor lighting company, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems also offers excellent after-sales support, providing lens cleaning services, assistance with re-burying wires that have become exposed, replacing timer batteries when needed and the adjustment and re-aiming of fixtures if applicable. In addition, they are also equipped to implement the replacement of halogen bulbs and can provide any and all needed landscape lighting system maintenance and repair.

Their commitment to customers includes free service calls for a year following the successful completion of a quality outdoor lighting installation by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. And, as industry leaders in exterior lighting, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems highly recommends integrated LED technologies for all applications of a new outdoor, landscape or security lighting project.

The importance of a reputable landscape lighting solution cannot be over-estimated. A recent study found that outdoor security lighting contributes to a reduction in crime by around 39%. The study, conducted in New York City, highlighted that the decrease in crime levels was explicitly correlated to crimes committed during the night.

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Southern Landscape Lighting Systems provides a thorough consultation to find the best way to ensure that your home is protected and well represented visually at night.

High-quality outdoor lighting installations also help to reduce the rate of night-time accidents such as falls significantly. Falls are the number one cause of fractures and hospital admissions, and more than 60% of falls happen at home. Outdoor areas that have inadequate lighting present a safety hazard. This is especially true for areas where paving may be uneven and where there are obstructions such as patio furniture, overgrown shrubs, or a lack of railings.

Southern Landscape Lighting Solution’s reputation precedes them as they consistently receive five-star reviews with customers commenting on the level of professionalism, quality products and landscape lighting installation service along with competitive pricing. Clients felt that the team was honest and helpful with many noting that they would recommend their services to friends and family. Some clients have gone on to use their services in a second home, proving that the company consistently delivers over and above their client’s expectations.


Southern Landscape Lighting Systems designs and installs outdoor lighting that is customized to the requirements of their clients. Each landscape lighting system is designed to accentuate the unique features of each home, garden, or business while ensuring that the system is optimized for the area’s security needs as well. They also service the neighboring communities of the North Atlanta region, Alpharetta, Roswell, Buckhead, Kennesaw, Holly Springs and Sandy Springs.

By offering the highest quality of products, professional design, and installation, as well as ongoing service and support for their customers, Southern Landscape Lighting Solutions has firmly entrenched themselves as the leading provider of outdoor and landscape lighting in Marietta Georgia.

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Everything You Need to Know About LED Landscape Lighting Installations in Marietta

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The rapid leaps in LED technology mean that LED lighting is fast becoming the best solution for a wide variety of outdoor lighting installations in Marietta. There are four important features that make LED lighting the best choice for a landscape lighting service.




The Top 4 Things You Need to Know About Outdoor LED Lighting

1. Light Color

In the past LED lights were known for their harsh white light, but advances in LED technology mean that LED lights outperform incandescents in almost every area. LED producers offer a range of colors, with the most popular being “soft white” and “warm white” which mimic the color temperature of incandescents, and “bright white” which is closer to daylight (similar to what you would expect to see in a retail store).

This means that an outdoor LED landscape lighting is a better option as the different lighting color options make highlighting garden and patio features more accessible.

2. Energy Efficiency

LED lights are the most efficient type of lighting producing more light with less energy than any other bulb on the market. By way of comparison, a standard 60W incandescent bulb puts out about 800 lumens. An LED bulb of equivalent brightness will only use about 10W of power.

With a focus on green energy, outdoor LED lighting ensures that you can enjoy time on your patio guilt-free due to its incredible efficiency.

3. Lifespan

LED bulbs to last over 30 000 hours (fifteen times longer than an incandescent bulb), while some last more than 50 000 hours. Because LED lights use slightly different technology, they don’t suddenly burn out but will, over time, become less effective.

It’s important to note that:
● Switching LED bulbs on and off frequently will not have an impact on the bulb’s lifespan
● Exposure to heat causes them to age more rapidly (their base is heavy due to the metal heat sink which is designed to pull the heat away from the bulb)
● They are more durable than other bulbs as they do not have a filament

Lower maintenance costs and the increased efficiency make the use of LED lighting for outdoors a more attractive option. The system is more durable and weather resistant and requires less upkeep.

4. Cost

The cost of LED bulbs has fallen dramatically in recent years due to improvements in technology and increased demand for the technology. Where price would have been a deterrent previously, at the moment, the cost difference is no longer a significant barrier to purchase.

Because the initial costs have come down significantly (paired with lower energy usage and longer lifespans) LED landscape lighting has become the more effective option.

If you’re looking for a landscape lighting company in Marietta or one of the surrounding areas such as Atlanta or Sandy Springs, please get in touch with us and we’ll show you what LED lighting can do for your garden.