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It is imperative that people become more conscious of the impact their choices have on the environment and the people around them. Making better decisions when it comes to outdoor lighting for homes and business is another way people can become more responsible citizens.

The team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems enlighten us on the latest technology in the field of lighting, how to reduce our impact on the environment by making more educated choices, and how to improve our health and that of the people around us through better lighting design.

Switching to LED (light emitting diode) lights is a big step towards taking better care of the environment. LED lights can be up to 80% more energy efficient than the fluorescent and incandescent lights we tend to use. That means LED lights use most of the energy they receive for creating light and very little gets turned into heat, whereas the opposite is true for the alternative lighting options.

LEDs also require much less power to create the same amount of light as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. The more LED lights are used, the less electricity needs to be produced resulting in fewer emissions that destroy the ozone. LEDs also do not contain toxic chemicals, unlike fluorescent lights.

Having a significantly longer lifespan, LEDs reduce the amount of materials required to make lights, package them and transport them, significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Switching to LED lights for exterior lighting becomes the obvious choice.

Outdoor Lighting Company Alpharetta GA, Outdoor Lighting Contractor Alpharetta GASouthern Landscape Lighting Systems further explained to us a phenomenon called ‘light pollution.’ This term refers to excessive light from manmade sources at night. Light pollution not only has a negative impact on nature but on people too. Artificial lights disturb the sleep of nocturnal animals, reducing reproduction rates of certain species. Sleep cycles of humans are also being disrupted as a result of excessive light pollution, resulting in physical and mental health problems.

They suggest being more strategic with outdoor lighting. LED lights are more focused than other globes, ensuring less light is wasted illuminating features that aren’t important. For example, over-bright spotlights with incandescent bulbs are detrimental to the environment but also potentially the sleep cycles of your family and your neighbors.

One concern people have when considering light pollution is that if they reduce the number and brightness of the lights on their property at night that the deterrent effect for potential criminals is then also reduced. However, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems assured us that it is possible to have a more conscious architectural lighting installation without negatively impacting on the security of your property.

We all have a role to play in saving the environment. More informed choices regarding outdoor lighting will not only positively impact the nature around us, but the people around us too.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is a low voltage electrical contractor in Alpharetta, GA well known for their knowledgeable staff and reliable ongoing maintenance and customer support. They offer outdoor lighting and security lighting design and installation for homeowners and business owners in the area and are experts in LED lighting.
Contact them for a free consultation, and they will show you how LED landscape lighting can bring your property to life after dark by optimally illuminating all your favorite features.

Marietta Landscape Lighting Company Offers Complimentary Consultation & Estimate

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Get a Free In-Home Consultation & Estimate in Marietta GA Now!

As award-winning landscape lighting companies near Marietta GAexperts in outdoor lighting, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta GA is proving their commitment to high-quality customer support with their expanded range of services including complimentary in-home consultations and estimates.

The in-home consultations include a free day-time appointment where a landscape lighting installer will visit your home or business to discuss the options for illuminating specific areas. They also offer the option to have this part of the process completed remotely where clients will send the landscape lighting contractor pictures of the areas of the home and property that need to be illuminated.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems will then answer questions on the types of landscape lighting and security lighting products and materials that they would recommend and well as explaining the difference between using halogen versus a more efficient LED landscape lighting product and installation. They will also offer guidance on the number of fixtures to be installed, the types of outdoor lighting fixtures that are likely to be most effective and will give an honest estimate for your residential landscape lighting project.

As an award-winning outdoor lighting company, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems also offers excellent after-sales support, providing lens cleaning services, assistance with re-burying wires that have become exposed, replacing timer batteries when needed and the adjustment and re-aiming of fixtures if applicable. In addition, they are also equipped to implement the replacement of halogen bulbs and can provide any and all needed landscape lighting system maintenance and repair.

Their commitment to customers includes free service calls for a year following the successful completion of a quality outdoor lighting installation by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. And, as industry leaders in exterior lighting, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems highly recommends integrated LED technologies for all applications of a new outdoor, landscape or security lighting project.

The importance of a reputable landscape lighting solution cannot be over-estimated. A recent study found that outdoor security lighting contributes to a reduction in crime by around 39%. The study, conducted in New York City, highlighted that the decrease in crime levels was explicitly correlated to crimes committed during the night.

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Southern Landscape Lighting Systems provides a thorough consultation to find the best way to ensure that your home is protected and well represented visually at night.

High-quality outdoor lighting installations also help to reduce the rate of night-time accidents such as falls significantly. Falls are the number one cause of fractures and hospital admissions, and more than 60% of falls happen at home. Outdoor areas that have inadequate lighting present a safety hazard. This is especially true for areas where paving may be uneven and where there are obstructions such as patio furniture, overgrown shrubs, or a lack of railings.

Southern Landscape Lighting Solution’s reputation precedes them as they consistently receive five-star reviews with customers commenting on the level of professionalism, quality products and landscape lighting installation service along with competitive pricing. Clients felt that the team was honest and helpful with many noting that they would recommend their services to friends and family. Some clients have gone on to use their services in a second home, proving that the company consistently delivers over and above their client’s expectations.


Southern Landscape Lighting Systems designs and installs outdoor lighting that is customized to the requirements of their clients. Each landscape lighting system is designed to accentuate the unique features of each home, garden, or business while ensuring that the system is optimized for the area’s security needs as well. They also service the neighboring communities of the North Atlanta region, Alpharetta, Roswell, Buckhead, Kennesaw, Holly Springs and Sandy Springs.

By offering the highest quality of products, professional design, and installation, as well as ongoing service and support for their customers, Southern Landscape Lighting Solutions has firmly entrenched themselves as the leading provider of outdoor and landscape lighting in Marietta Georgia.

Effective Outdoor Security Lighting Depends on These 3 Things

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Outdoor Security Lighting Acworth GA, Outdoor Led Lights Acworth GA, landscape lighting Acworth GA, led lighting Acworth GA, outdoor lighting Acworth GA, landscape lighting company Acworth GA, landscape lighting installation Acworth GA, landscape lighting contractor Acworth GA, best landscape lighting company Acworth GA, led outdoor lights installers Acworth GA, architectural lighting Acworth GA, outdoor lighting installation Acworth GAOutdoor lighting adds beauty and functionality to your home, but it is also an important part of your home security system. In Acworth GA, there are almost 600 property-related crimes annually. This makes understanding the different security lighting options and controls a vital step in protecting your home and your family.

Installing a security lighting system requires understanding the different lighting fixture options, learning about how they work with lighting controls and the role that an Acworth landscape lighting contractor plays in integrating an effective system.  A thorough grasp of these three areas will help you create a landscape lighting installation that will deter intruders while not compromising the aesthetics of your garden or outside area.

1. Understanding the Different Types of Outdoor Lighting

An outdoor lighting company will make use of a combination of the different outdoor landscape lighting types to make sure that all areas of your outdoor area are adequately covered and that there are no blind spots.

  • Roadway Luminaries

Roadway luminaries are a popular choice for outdoor lighting installations and are used for driveways, parking areas and streets to provide general illumination.

  • Floodlights (often used with a motion sensor)

These are used for driveways, backyards, entryways, patio or deck lighting and pool areas.

  • Mounted Luminaries

Mounted luminaries are an excellent choice for entrances, as well as around the perimeter of a property.

  • Landscape Path Lighting

These ground lights are ideal for safety and are used where there aren’t existing structures to install raised lighting including flower beds and trees, as well as frequently used paths and walkways.

  • Recessed Lights (often used with a motion sensor)

Recessed lights with a motion sensor are used for pathways, over doorways, and for backyards.

2. Learning About Your Lighting Control Options

Security lighting is controlled by a combination of dimmers, motion detectors, time switches and photocells which allow you to customize your lighting to your preferences.

  • Dimmers

A light dimmer works by adjusting the level of brightness. This helps with energy conservation and can be used with flush mounts, pendants, and lamps.

  • Motion Detectors

These are important for outdoor lighting as they are energy efficient (ensuring that the lights only come on when there is movement) as well as introducing the ability to surprise an intruder. They are compatible with most outdoor lights including floodlights, landscape path lights, and surface-mounted lights.

  • Time Switches

Time switches control when light fixtures turn on and off (regardless of whether they are needed or not). They can be used with floodlights, landscape path lights, roadway lights, surface-mounted lights, and post-mounted lights.

  • Photocells

Photocells measure the level of light, automatically turning on lighting when it is dark. They work in combinations with a time switch to turn the lights on at dusk, and off in the morning. Light fixtures that integrate with photocells include floodlights, landscape path lights, roadway lights, and surface-mounted lights.

3. Consulting with a Security Lighting Professional

There are a number of checks that you should do when your lighting system is installed, but it is often more effective (and more affordable in the long run) to have a landscape lighting installer in Acworth GA, such as Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, do the work for you. They have the necessary skills and expertise to ensure that your landscape lighting design works as it should and won’t easily break down.

A professional will help you:

  • Locate places where light fixtures cannot easily be tampered with
  • Install wire covers to protect fixtures that might be at risk of being vandalized
  • Adjust the lights so that there are no blind spots, and that they all point down on your property (and not the neighbors)
  • Test the light fixtures’ sensitivity to motion and adjust accordingly

By following the three points of light fixture choice, light control options and consulting with Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, the best landscape lighting contractor in Acworth, you will be able to rest easy at night knowing that your home and family are safe from intruders.

Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting Tips

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Outdoor Lighting Alpharetta GA, landscape lighting installation Alpharetta GA, led outdoor lights installers Alpharetta GA

Do you have a general idea of what you want your outdoor lighting to do but don’t know how to go about it? Why not check out the different types of outdoor lighting that you’re drawn to? In this article, we discuss outdoor lighting, including some landscape lighting tips straight from the professionals at landscape lighting companies in Alpharetta, Georgia!

With so many different landscape lights in the market, you should be able to find the one that suits your taste, style and budget. You can go for soft lighting for some areas, while for other areas, you might want it bright. Watt indicates electricity consumption, but some lightings emit more than others, even with the same watt. Consider that the wider the light throw distance or the more intensity you need, the more output you’ll need.

LEDs, Energy Savings, and Efficiency

Some types of lighting are more efficient compared to others. Low voltage lights, can save on electricity by focusing light beams, but it typically does not have the line voltage’s equivalent beam throw. The more up-to-date 65-watt and 120-watt incandescent bulbs produce a maximum of twenty-five percent more light. Newer compact fluorescent lights give the high level of savings in terms of energy and the softest lighting. Mercury vapor lights give high illumination as well as energy savings, but they have a cool color.

The best lights would have to be LED lights which have LED arrays built in. Outdoor LED lighting is one of the favorites for landscape lighting. They can last for years, removing the need for always changing the light. Since they also use little energy, you can put in more lights attached to the same transformer. You can even use a more affordable and smaller transformer.


Fluorescents lights can be utilized for banisters, walls, and signs. These lights usually give off a soft light quality and are also a top saver for energy.

High Pressure Sodium/Mercury Vapor

This group of lighting offers intense light at an affordable energy cost. Their color creations limit use and they do not come on readily with a flick of the switch as  they need warm up time.

Incandescent A

The incandescent A is a general type usually used at home. They are affordable, but has less light compared to other incandescent lights.

Incandescent B

Incandescent B is a reflector, either concentrated or flood spotlight. This has twice the output of incandescent A lights.

Incandescent Tungsten-Halogen/Quartz

This kind of light gives off a bright light consistently. This is available as a projector or a reflector type and can fit in less obtrusive and smaller fixtures.

Now knowing the kind of lights you might need and want for your lighting, it is also wise to consider few tips for your outdoor lighting. Here is what Southern Landscape Lighting Systems suggests:

First, disguise the landscape lighting source as much as possible. That is, except whenever the fixture is decorative. Second, do not overdo it. Just a little light can go a long way in the evenings. Third, try to be creative by mixing a couple of light techniques. Fourth, put in an automatic device such as a timer that can turn the lights off and on. Lastly, consider your neighbors’ circumstances. Make sure the lights don’t shine on their windows.

If you want more pro tips and consulting on your outdoor lighting, contact us at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. We are your landscape lighting contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Areas and Fixtures for Outdoor Lighting in Marietta, GA

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You want your home to reflect elegance but at the same time provide high level of security—this is exactly what outdoor lighting can do for you. This article goes through the areas and fixtures for exterior lighting; read on to learn about what you need to know before you begin working with a landscape lighting company.


Close to the House

Lighting rear and side entrances to your home, as well as walls that are near windows, can ensure that thieves and prowlers would be discouraged from invading your home.


Illuminating your driveway using light increases security and safety for your home. Also, the delineation created makes a pretty pattern.

Front Entry

With front entry lighting, you give a warm welcome to your family and friends even when evening strikes. Pick a wall bracket that has sufficient illumination for the front steps and lighting for the house number and keyhole.


Sufficient garage lights will improve security and safety, especially if the other lights in your house aren’t on.

Paths and Steps

Oftentimes forgotten, lit paths and steps are also crucial in preventing accidents when it’s dark. The house can be adorned with post lights and lanterns and low path lights.

Rear Yard

Floodlighting from trees or the home helps discourage vandals and intruders. If you cannot cover your light source, pick units that look nice, not industrial. You can arrange accordingly for motion sensors, photocells, or automatic timers.

Fixture Types

Accent or Spot

These are adjustable or versatile fixtures utilized for grazing, accenting, cross lighting, and up lighting. When this is mounted up high, it can offer focused moonlighting and down lighting.

Chain Lanterns, Ceiling Close Up, Wall Bracket

These are mounted on doors, on porches, and over garages. The chain hung lantern unit creates a light that goes outward, either diffused or direct.

Bullet Shape, Box Shape, and Cylinder

These types of designs help concentrate and direct light beams. Some cut off the glare and protect lamps and sockets from moisture and debris.

Diffused and Spread

These kinds of low-level units are created to make illumination on a broader pattern for paths, steps, driveways, perimeter plantings, and flower beds.

Fountain and Swimming Pool Lighting

The fixtures are installed at the ends and sides of pools and the bottom of fountains. For lamp changes, wet niche fixtures can be taken out. Dry niche fixtures, on the other hand, need access to the pool shell’s back.

In-Ground or Well Light

When you bury the fixtures flushed against the ground, this covers the source of light. You can use this for shrubbery up lighting and for grazing walls with texture.

Post Lights and Bollard

These are standing fixtures like garden lights or deck lighting that light up pool areas, the deck, garden walks, steps, and pathways. They also offer beautiful light patterns for your driveway.

Transformers, Timers and Other Accessories

Photocells, motion sensors, or automatic timers that turn the lights on during dusk and turn the lights off during dawn make landscape lighting energy-efficient and convenient.

When you need support for figuring out your what areas to lit up and what fixtures to use for outdoor lighting in Marietta, Georgia, contact the experts at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. With many years in the business, we are one of the very best landscape lighting companies in Marietta GA.

Best Spots to Place Outdoor LED Lights Around Your Home

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You may want exterior lighting for security purposes; for example, your driveway may be long and dark, and you want to deter animals or even thieves.  Perhaps you want to illuminate a particularly striking feature in your garden, such as a waterfall, tree or ornamental bush. It could be that you simply want LED landscape lighting to brighten up your deck, or to illuminate the façade of your home. Whatever reason you have for wanting LED lights around your home, the experts at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems can help and advise you.

There are probably several questions you have regarding the cost of outdoor LED lights. Here are the answers to some of them:

  • LED lights last much longer than traditional halide ones. In fact, they can last for 50,000 hours.
  • Low voltage landscape lighting is much cheaper to use than the usual lighting systems.
  • Your LED lights will use less energy than traditional lighting. That means that you are lessening, albeit slightly, your environmental footprint.

Apart from being cost-effective, your LED lights will come on instantly. They don’t take time to warm up, even when the temperatures drop. At the flick of a switch, or a press of a button, your whole yard, or the part that you selected for your lights, can be illuminated. These lights can be turned on and off many times without breaking. If you routinely break your traditional lightbulbs, the longevity of LED lighting will mean that you don’t have to fumble around in the dark trying to replace busted bulbs.

Durability is a key consideration when choosing to install outdoor lighting, and as LED lights are made of durable, hard-wearing plastic, not glass, they can withstand frost, snow and the worst weather conditions.

LED lighting is free of ultra violet (UV) emissions and mercury, which means they are not as damaging to the health as traditional lighting. Fluorescent lights can induce headaches, and, of course they often hum, which can cause irritation, fatigue and a variety of other symptoms. On the other hand, LED lights are silent.

Convinced about the benefits of LED lighting and its green technology yet? Why not find out more by calling and setting up a time to visit the showroom at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Acworth, GA? You can call them at (678) 324-6842 and arrange to have a free night time demonstration of our lights. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, provide a complete maintenance service for your home, yard, or anywhere else you’d like to your LED lights installation. Contact us today and find out more about our LED outdoor lights and how you can improve your home and property with our help.

Marietta Security Lighting Company Opens New Location

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( — April 26, 2018) Marietta, Georgia — Many Marietta, Georgia area homeowners are planning projects to enhance the curb appeal of their homes this spring, but they should also consider investing in security landscape lighting. Outdoor security lighting not only enhances the look and style of a home, but also increases its safety. A well-lit property and perimeter provides a warm, impressive welcome to nighttime guests, illuminates safe paths for family members returning home at night, lights stairways on decks and in front of entrances, and deters would-be intruders from singling out the home for burglary. TheAlbany, NY Police Dept. concluded that “lighting is the most inexpensive form of crime prevention that there is.”

According to the FBI, criminals committed an estimated 1,515,096 burglaries in 2016. This figure indicates a 30.8 percent decline in burglaries since 2007, but victims lost an estimated $3.6 billion in property losses with an average loss per burglary estimated at $2,361. Then there’s the untold emotional and psychological costs on victims as they feel violated and lose their sense of security. Homeowners can refuse to become future victims by hardening their home to make it less inviting to intruders that includes installing outdoor security lighting, among other practical steps.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is excited to announce their new satellite office in Marietta, GA enabling the company to better serve the Marietta area homeowners looking to add security or landscape lighting to their home. SLLS is ready to help homeowners decide which lighting options are right for their home, and can also include a security and landscape lighting design and the installation of the final outdoor lighting system.

Step One: Case the House for Security Lighting Opportunities

Thinking like a criminal is an important tactic for beating them. Convicted burglars have readily shared their home invasion strategies with police and reporters across the nation, including how they select a home for entry. They “case” the homes in the neighborhood, looking for easy targets. Criminals typically want to get the goods hassle-free. The more challenges and hurdles they face for getting into a property without being seen, the greater the risk they run of getting caught.

Homeowners should case their own homes at different times of day and imagine how they would break in if they were criminals. They should look for anywhere a criminal may hide or approach undetected. Landscaping can play a role in this, so shrubbery and bushes should stay trimmed and trees shouldn’t be close enough to upper story windows for criminals to climb and access. Residents should also look for dark areas of the property that can conceal an intruder’s approach at night. The neighborhood and surrounding environment are also important for them to consider as well, such as requirements of homeowners’ associations and local city ordinances.

Step Two: Create a Plan to Harden and Secure the Home

Homeowners should at least have strong locks for doors and windows and might consider investing in an alarm system. Fake CCTV cameras are inexpensive and can make criminals think the home is harder to case and gain entry with even an appearance of security systems in place.

The house should look occupied always. A car left in the driveway and keeping a radio on inside can suggest to criminals that someone’s inside. Developing relationships with neighbors has the added benefit that may be more inclined to keep an eye on the property and check mail to keep the house looking lived in during extended absences.

Step Three: Light it Up with a High-Quality Security Lighting System

Proper lighting on the property’s perimeter is simultaneously welcoming to guests and threatening to burglars. Lights expose nighttime invaders crossing the yard or accessing an entryway and increase the chance that the perpetrator’s face will be recognized in a police lineup.

Homeowners have a variety of landscape lighting designs to choose from that offer different style and purposes:

  • Floodlights come with up to three heads and light up a wide area. They’re great for covering driveways, yards, and decks.

  • Landscape path lighting and post luminaries are a great way to welcome guests with safe walking paths across a yard or on decks.

  • Surface-mounted luminaires attach to a ceiling, making them great for lighting entrances at sheltered porches.

 Outdoor security lights can activate passively with motion sensors or photocells in dusk-to-dawn lighting. With motion detector security lighting, the area is illuminated whenever the sensor detects movement within range. They can activate when residents or guests pull a car into the driveway or approach on foot, or when unwanted intruders sneak into the area. Criminals don’t want the exposure, plus the motion activation has the added element of surprise when it turns on and a burglar is suddenly bathed in light. In his book, “Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life,” former CIA case officer Jason Hanson writes that “it’s a myth that bright lights will help burglars see what they’re doing. They don’t want you to see them, and the bright lights are going to stop them from wanting to rob your house.” Dusk-to-dawn lighting stays on all night. Not only can these lights increase curb appeal of the house at night, it also serves as an after-dark deterrent to burglars before they even approach the home.

Homeowners can activate lights themselves through dimmers and time switches. Dimmers replace standard wall switches and users control the brightness of lights by pushing a slider up and down by degrees. With time switches, homeowners can set specific times of that they want lights to turn on and turn off.

Choosing the Right Security Lights and Getting the Security Lighting System Installed

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is a 5-star rated landscape lighting service company serving the Marietta, Alpharetta and Northern Atlanta service areas. SLLS designs and installs custom outdoor lighting. They offer free consultations to help homeowners determine the outdoor landscape lighting designs that are right for needs specific to their home and neighborhood environment. They also offer nighttime demonstrations that allow customers can see the lighting systems in action for themselves.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems offer more than just designing, selling, and installing outdoor landscape security lighting. After installation, customers can call on them to service their lights free of charge for a year. Because outdoor landscape lighting is exposed to the elements, it’s important for homeowners to provide maintenance to the lights, and Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is proud to offer care for the products to keep your outdoor security and landscape lighting systems in perfect working order.

About Southern Landscape Lighting Systems

Marietta, Alpharetta, Roswell and Sandy Springs Georgia Voters chose Southern Landscape Lighting Systems as the best Outdoor Landscape Lighting company in the 2017 Consumers’ Choice Award

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