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Highlight the Beauty of Your Home with Landscape Lighting Design in Marietta GA

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The best landscape lighting companies in Marietta, GA know that the secret to a perfect outdoor landscape lighting installation is to carefully draw attention to the architectural highlights of the home, as well as the best features of the yard. As the sun sets, a property without correctly installed exterior lighting is no longer able to showcase its best features. An architect carefully plans the design of a home considering the owner’s preferences, functional elements and the use of texture and shapes. But it is the landscape lighting company’s duty to ensure that the vision is available for everyone one to see, both during the day and at night.

Variations in Landscape Lighting to Showcase Your Home’s Architecture

A landscape lighting installer will take into account design considerations for the lighting. This includes the color of the light, and as such, they will often include variations in the warmth of the white lights that are used in the design. They will also look to change up the output intensity, so that there is more light in some areas, and less in others. They will then use the direction of the light beams to showcase the property’s features to their best advantage. Lighting up your home makes use of all these different options to create a multi-layered visually stunning nighttime perspective.

Quality Light Fitting to Transition Seamlessly Between Night and Day

Working with a landscape lighting installer, it is important to choose the right kind of outdoor light fixtures as the light fixtures should not detract from the property during daylight hours. With this in mind, it is important to choose fixtures that will not obstruct any features in the garden such as an outdoor area or a fountain. Rather, fixtures should enhance the original beauty of the architecture at night and not be noticeable during the day.

Landscape Lighting Design

Key Reasons to Choose Landscape Lighting for Your Property

Landscape lighting is quickly becoming non-negotiable for homeowners wanting to improve their properties for several reasons. Firstly, outdoor lighting can improve the value of the property as well as the sense of enjoyment that you get from being able to use your outdoor areas during the day and at night. Secondly, it increases the safety of your property and reduces the risk of any costly accidents. Thirdly, it works to improve the security of the property as it acts as a deterrent for possible break-ins. And lastly, it showcases the beauty of your property at night so that you can enjoy your home and yard twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

More Than Just a Practical Necessity

Landscape lighting is about more than just lighting up walkways to get people from point A to B; it’s an opportunity to build on the architectural appeal of a business. In the right hands, outdoor lighting has the potential to create or bring out different textures and structural elements, making them stand out to anyone who visits at night. This is done through the careful selection of the right kind of LED lights and the strategic placement of the fixtures.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is the best landscape lighting company in Marietta GA to work with if you want a solution that’s creative and carefully designed using only the best fixtures and technology. Their professional outdoor lighting designs are guaranteed to enhance the architecture of your home as well as highlighting any important features on your property. They’re available to ensure that your property realizes it’s potential with friendly, efficient service and quick turnaround times on designs.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company Sets The Bar High For Service Excellence

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Southern Landscape Lighting Systems Sets the Bar High for Service Excellence in Greater Atlanta Area

 Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Acworth, GA  has become synonymous with industry-leading landscape lighting installation. With many years of specialized experience in the field of outdoor lighting, owner and founder Lindsay Rodericks is excited to open up the opportunities for new and existing homeowners looking for landscape lighting design and installation services in the greater Atlanta region.

Since expanding their services outside of Acworth where SLLS first started, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems has been honored with recognition from their customers for the quality of the work that they offer, in particular, the professional service that they provide from start to finish. Customers have commented on the end-to-end experience from the initial, free-of-charge consultation, to the demo setup, landscape lighting design and installation, and the superb follow-up and support.

Lindsay has often gone on record saying “delivering an excellent service to our clients that exceed their expectations is the most important part of what we do.” She went on to add, “our clients want to understand what they’re getting and how we add value, so communication is key.” Southern Landscape Lighting Systems understands that making the decision to hire a professional landscape lighting company can be daunting when there are many outdoor lighting providers including electrical contractors who offer this as a side-service; and it can be difficult to know who to trust with such an important job.

The three concerns that Lindsay and her team address up-front with clients is delivering an excellent service as well as offering security and competitive pricing. As Lindsay says “clients want to know what they’re signing up for, they want regular feedback and updates on the status of the project and they want to know that they’re getting a good deal. And because those areas are important to us as well, we know that we can offer clients what they’re looking for.”

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Throughout the installation process, the SLLS landscape lighting team is in constant contact with their clients, sharing feedback, updates and offering personalized recommendations where necessary. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems has designed their product offering to deliver on their client’s expectations. They add up-front value to home-owners and business owners by offering free day-time consultations (or picture consultations) that help clients to understand some of the options that are available to them for their landscape lighting design.

If the client needs further assistance with visualizing the project and are wanting to move forward with the project, they are also available to do nighttime demonstrations at the owner’s home or business. This is a live demonstration of the outdoor lights that can really provide the home or business owner confidence that the outdoor lighting solution is precisely what they want and need.

The company has also found that something that their clients value, but don’t always prioritize in the initial stages of the installation, is the importance of after-sales service, and this is an area where Southern Landscape Lighting Systems excels. Garden, landscaping and security lights are often exposed to the elements and experience the full impact of mother nature, landscaping contractors, children, and pets. For this reason, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is proud of their comprehensive after-sales service, and free service calls for one year following the lighting installation. Their team is committed to keeping their client’s outdoor lighting systems in good working order assisting with cleaning lenses, replacing timer batteries, greasing sockets, replacing halogen bulbs, re-burying exposed wires and adjusting or re-aiming fixtures if needed.


Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Acworth, GA offers a one-stop solution for outdoor lighting. Their team designs and installs high-quality, custom lighting that will accentuate the best features of your home, garden or business. Their installations also focus on providing security lighting for darker areas to give their clients complete peace of mind. Their talented staff offers only the highest quality products, professional, creative designs, and the best installations and after-sale support services for their customers.