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How Does LED Landscape Lighting in Marietta Work?

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Low voltage landscape lighting adds value to the residents of a home by making outdoor areas easy to navigate and accessible after dark. It also adds to a home’s curb appeal, as well as safety and security. And, if done using LED fixtures, can save money by minimising energy use. 

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems specializes in LED lighting installations for homes in Marietta. Their unique understanding of the area, combined with their experience that spans thousands of LED lighting installations, ensures that they have the expert, in-depth knowledge needed for the successful design and installation of the ideal lighting solution for properties. 

Here they share their top tips for ensuring that a landscape lighting solution has the correct components: 



LED Lights: Setting the Style and Ambiance in a Garden


There are a number of different LED light fixtures that can be used, and the perfect combination will depend on the layout of the garden, as well as its size. Lights that should be included in an installation include path lights for illuminating a sidewalk or pathways in the garden. Spotlights and floodlights can highlight features of the garden as well as lighting up larger areas. 

LED lights are available in a wide range of different designs allowing homeowners to work with their landscape lighting installer to come up with the best combination for the home. 

There are some important considerations when setting up lighting in a garden; this includes:

  • Safety – visitors need to be able to safely navigate the garden whether they are walking from their car to the front entrance or walking through the garden to an outdoor entertainment area.
  • Security – landscape lights provide an important deterrent for unwanted intruders on the property. This may mean setting up lighting around the perimeter of the yard, as well as lighting up all possible entranceways and windows.
  • Aesthetics – landscape lighting can be used to highlight, or even create, features in the garden including water features, trees, shrubs, or even walls. 



The Transformer: Powering Up the LED Lighting Installation


Your landscape lighting company will advise on the size transformer that is needed to power the installation. All transformers have a maximum wattage capacity – for example a 200-watt transformer can only safely provide power to an installation that has a maximum demand for 200 watts. This is why the lighting company will map out the yard and the fixtures needed to get an understand of the number of lights that will be used. Each of the lights will have a maximum bulb wattage rating so to calculate the size of the transformer needed; they will need to add up the total number of lights and their wattage. 

An important tip here is that your lighting company will want to pad the numbers a bit and suggest that a bigger transformer be used. This is a good idea in case you decide to add additional fixtures at a later stage. Using LED light fixtures will bring down the transformer price as they are low-wattage, which will mean that you can buy a lower-spec, lower price transformer. 



Cables: Linking Up the LED Lighting Installation


Here a landscape lighting contractor will lay out all the light fixtures to ensure that they have enough cabling to connect all the fixtures to the power source. In most cases, cables will be run along the ground so that they can be lightly covered with soil (making them easy to dig up and adjust if needed).

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta, GA specializes in custom design and installation of outdoor LED lighting solutions. With years of experience, they know exactly which light fixtures to use where, the size transformer that will be needed and how to neatly and effectively wire the installation so that it works well and can be adjusted if necessary.

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Southern Landscape Lighting Systems Answers Your 5 Top Questions on LED Landscape Lighting in Alpharetta, GA

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LED lighting solutions in Alpharetta, GA have become a popular option for outdoor lighting both for homes and commercial properties; but many clients still have questions. This is largely due to misinformation based on an outdated understanding of how LED technology works and its limitations. It’s important to understand how outdoor LED lighting works so this article will address six of the most commonly asked questions around the technology used for outdoor LED lighting and why it is the best solution.

1. Do LED lights really save money?

LED lights are designed to replace incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and other lighting types. In general, they will reduce energy consumption by a minimum of 40%, but often up to 80%. They can last up to (and sometimes longer than) 100,000 hours which also reduces the amount of maintenance that an outdoor lighting system will need. Between the energy saving and the reduced maintenance costs, LED lights quickly become a cost-efficient option.

2. What are the key benefits of using LEDs for landscape lighting?

There are many advantages to using LED lighting for outdoor areas; the key benefits are:

· A noticeable, immediate reduction in your electricity bill

· Long-lasting bulbs, LED bulbs typically last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours

· Durability – making them the perfect solution for outdoor use

· Efficiency, they produce less heat as they’re more efficient at converting electrical energy into light

· Safety as they don’t contain any hazardous materials

· The ease with which they can be recycled


3. How does LED lighting work?

There are three primary components: the LEDs, the heat sink and the driver. The driver converts AC power to DC and makes it available to the LEDs to create light. The LEDs are the chip set that produces the light. The heat sink works to catch the heat from the driver and the LEDs.

4. Can you control the brightness of LED lights with dimmer controls?

Not all LEDs are dimmable; it will depend on the driver which needs to be designed specifically to allow dimming and the installation of a particular type of dimmer. Check for both if you want an outdoor lighting solution that is dimmable.Outdoor LED Lighting

5. Are LED lights good for the environment?

Yes! In addition to the energy savings and long lifespans of LED lights, they are also environmentally friendly. LED bulbs don’t contain mercury (or any other hazardous metal or chemicals), so they can easily be recycled.



6. Is it true that the only color temperature available for LEDs is that harsh white light?

Absolutely not. When LED lights first became available on the market the light temperature was Cool White which is fine for floodlights, but not a good way to create ambiance. As technology has developed, there is now a wide range of different colors, as well as a variety of ‘white’ bulbs to choose from.

Manufacturers label the LEDs with terms such as Day White, Natural White, Warm White, and Cool White. These labels signify the warmth of the light, warmer lights will have more yellow tones, and cooler lights will have more blue tones. For an outdoor LED lighting installation, it often works well to have a combination of warm and cool LED lights to create a perception of depth and variation for the garden.

If you’re looking for LED landscape lighting in Alpharetta, GA, give the team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems a call. They’ll be able to answer all your questions about using LED lighting for your garden as well as giving some suggestions on how to get started. With many years of experience, they’re the best landscape lighting company with specific expertise with LED lighting.

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Highlight the Beauty of Your Home with Landscape Lighting Design in Marietta GA

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The best landscape lighting companies in Marietta, GA know that the secret to a perfect outdoor landscape lighting installation is to carefully draw attention to the architectural highlights of the home, as well as the best features of the yard. As the sun sets, a property without correctly installed exterior lighting is no longer able to showcase its best features. An architect carefully plans the design of a home considering the owner’s preferences, functional elements and the use of texture and shapes. But it is the landscape lighting company’s duty to ensure that the vision is available for everyone one to see, both during the day and at night.

Variations in Landscape Lighting to Showcase Your Home’s Architecture

A landscape lighting installer will take into account design considerations for the lighting. This includes the color of the light, and as such, they will often include variations in the warmth of the white lights that are used in the design. They will also look to change up the output intensity, so that there is more light in some areas, and less in others. They will then use the direction of the light beams to showcase the property’s features to their best advantage. Lighting up your home makes use of all these different options to create a multi-layered visually stunning nighttime perspective.

Quality Light Fitting to Transition Seamlessly Between Night and Day

Working with a landscape lighting installer, it is important to choose the right kind of outdoor light fixtures as the light fixtures should not detract from the property during daylight hours. With this in mind, it is important to choose fixtures that will not obstruct any features in the garden such as an outdoor area or a fountain. Rather, fixtures should enhance the original beauty of the architecture at night and not be noticeable during the day.

Landscape Lighting Design

Key Reasons to Choose Landscape Lighting for Your Property

Landscape lighting is quickly becoming non-negotiable for homeowners wanting to improve their properties for several reasons. Firstly, outdoor lighting can improve the value of the property as well as the sense of enjoyment that you get from being able to use your outdoor areas during the day and at night. Secondly, it increases the safety of your property and reduces the risk of any costly accidents. Thirdly, it works to improve the security of the property as it acts as a deterrent for possible break-ins. And lastly, it showcases the beauty of your property at night so that you can enjoy your home and yard twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

More Than Just a Practical Necessity

Landscape lighting is about more than just lighting up walkways to get people from point A to B; it’s an opportunity to build on the architectural appeal of a business. In the right hands, outdoor lighting has the potential to create or bring out different textures and structural elements, making them stand out to anyone who visits at night. This is done through the careful selection of the right kind of LED lights and the strategic placement of the fixtures.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is the best landscape lighting company in Marietta GA to work with if you want a solution that’s creative and carefully designed using only the best fixtures and technology. Their professional outdoor lighting designs are guaranteed to enhance the architecture of your home as well as highlighting any important features on your property. They’re available to ensure that your property realizes it’s potential with friendly, efficient service and quick turnaround times on designs.

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Factors to Consider When Doing Your Deck Lighting in Acworth, GA

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In the Northern Hemisphere, it is summertime, and that means there are opportunities for family picnics, barbecues with friends and various family reunions.

Any excuse to be outside, especially if you have a deck to use!

But since the summer is so hot during the day, it often is a wiser move to use the deck outside your home in the evening hours when it is more comfortable, and that may mean making an investment in some deck lighting. Before you do a summer outdoor lighting project in Acworth, there are a couple of factors to consider before deciding the size and scope of such an outdoor lighting or landscape lighting project.

Deck Location

In Acworth and surrounding areas, a good outdoor lighting project, such as for a deck, will be based a lot on the location of the deck at your home in relation to the sun. Is your deck in the back of your home and the home is north-facing? The deck then is in the south, which means it gets sun all day and there is virtually no shade without a canopy. So much sun means not a lot of light will be needed.

But if your deck is facing to the east, for example, then your deck will be in shade for a good part of the day after noon and into the evening hours, which means there may be more of a need for lighting.

Security Needs

The required luminance of your outdoor lighting, as well as the quantity of lights needed for your deck lighting, will also be based on whether the lighting is for security reasons or just for social events. If deck lighting may serve a dual purpose of supplying light to the deck for when you are outside yourself, and serve to illuminate areas of the deck around windows and doors to serve as a deterrent to criminals. The brighter the lights, the more of a deterrent. That may also dictate the landscape lighting design of your Acworth property.

Social Status

If security is not as much of an issue, and you just want lights on your deck to provide some light for a number of social gatherings on your deck, then that is also a consideration. Do you thrive in being a party host or hostess? Can you not go more than a couple weeks without having people over for a social event or casual barbecue on your deck, and you just want lights to provide a certain ambience? Good outdoor lighting design takes into account the frequency of use to help determine the right balance for your deck lighting project.

Quality Lighting Design

Landscape lighting and deck lighting projects are rarely well done as do-it-yourself endeavors. Having a quality landscape lighting contractor to work with you on your deck lighting project in Acworth can ensure quality work that will meet your needs and be aesthetically pleasing for you, your family and friends.

Deck parties are a favorite summertime activity in Acworth, and you should be able to enjoy these parties at any time of day. A well-designed landscape lighting project can help you do that.

Tips for Architectural Lighting

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Architectural lighting is the use of light to enhance your home. Not only does it show off your home’s best features, it also increases security and safety for your family and guests. But simply buying lights and placing them around your home may not accomplish your goals. Here are a few tips for effective architectural lighting in Marietta, GA home.

Don’t Use Too Much Light

Too much light can seem like overkill. Instead of continuous light everywhere, focus on key areas. Highlight important areas such as patio seating, grilling areas, steps, walkways, and some plants and trees in the yard (to avoid the perception of a “great dark beyond”). Avoid using very bright lights that will create a glare. Instead, go for softer lights and spread them around. Make sure to position lights carefully, and check them often. Also make sure that lights have fixtures to shield or reflect. This will concentrate the light where you need it and prevents glare.

Make Use of Different Lighting Types

There are different types of lighting to consider. Task lighting is used for a specific purpose, such as lighting steps and paths for safety. Accent lighting focuses on an object or area, usually with spotlights.

Choose the Right Type of Light

There are many different lighting options out there, including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED lights. LED lights typically offer the best value. They cost a little more than the others (for now – their prices are steadily decreasing), but they last much longer and consume less energy. That makes them safer to use, and reduces costs in the long run in the form of fewer replacements and lower electric bills.

Don’t Forget About Walls

Accenting your home means accenting the walls, too. After all, they represent a significant portion of your home and really shouldn’t be neglected when considering areas to highlight. This can be accomplished with either washing or grazing. “Washing” a wall means directing a wide beam of light from a few feet away. Positioning lights the right way can also “graze” a wall. Either option will show off the wall, and provide some subtle accent to nearby features, such as plants.

Consult a Professional

The best way to ensure your home is properly enhanced by landscape lighting is to call a professional for a consultation. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta, GA, can provide a free on-site consultation, as well as a free nighttime demonstration. We will help you design your landscape lighting, choose the right lights and equipment, install all components, and perform maintenance. Our warranty program includes protection for 20 years minimum – the longest warranty in the industry.

We have been serving Acworth, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta and surrounding areas for about a decade, providing excellent service to hundreds of residences, businesses, and homeowners’ associations. But don’t take our word for it – read reviews from other customers. You can also call us at (678) 616-9166 with any questions for our experienced staff, and to schedule your free consultation. And once you’ve seen the superior service we have to offer, feel free to leave a comment below with your own review!

Questions You Should Ask Your Landscape Lighting Installation Company

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Once you’ve decided to upgrade your home with landscape lighting, it’s time to find someone to help you achieve it. But before you sign on with the first company you contact, there are some key pieces of information you need from them. Here are a few important questions you should ask your potential landscape lighting installer.

  1. Does the contractor hold lighting design and installation credentials? Anyone installing pricey equipment on your property should be both licensed and insured to do so.


  1. Is the company primarily focused on lighting design and installation? A specialist is always the best way to go. A company that only installs landscape lighting is going to be better at it than a company that splits its attention between landscape lighting, lawn care, and indoor lighting.


  1. Is the contractor willing to work with other professionals who may be working on your property? If you are only installing landscape lighting, this may not be an issue. But if you are renovating your property, you may be working with an architect, landscaper, plumber etc. Conflicts between any of them will slow down the whole project. Make sure they are all willing and able to work alongside each other.


  1. Does the contractor offer a live demonstration? You should always go with someone who is willing to demonstrate their work before they charge you for it.


  1. What sorts of warranties are available? This is an important question; Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Acworth, GA, offers a great warranty.


  1. What sort of maintenance guarantees are made for post-installation inspections and servicing? Going with LED lights will ensure a longer life, but if something goes wrong, you want to make sure that the company will be back to help you deal with it.


You may be able to find the answers to some of these questions on the company’s website, especially the Frequently Asked Questions page. But even if you find the answers on their website, still ask in person, in case they have policies that are unique to your situation.

Also make sure to read reviews from other customers.This will give you the best idea about the quality of a company.

Start Asking Questions

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is available to answer your questions at any time. Based in Acworth, GA, we have been serving the state of Georgia for more than 9 years, during which time we have been fully licensed in Georgia. Spectacular lighting design and installation is what we do, and we take pride in it.

We offer a free on-site consultation and a free live demonstration. We also offer an exceptional warranty on all LED products. Come read our reviews from our happy customers, then give us a call at (678) 324-6842 and ask our seasoned professionals all your questions. You can also leave a comment below with your questions, or leave your own review after you’ve seen what we have to offer!

5 Ways to Increase Your Property Value That You Might Not Be Aware Of

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If you’re looking to increase the value of your property without making big, expensive changes, then you’ll love these five tips for how to do so. Whether you’re looking to sell or simply increase the value of your assets, there are a number of tips you can use to add a few dollars to the asking price. Here are five solid tips to increase your property value:

1. Outdoor landscape lighting

The way your property is lit can make a big difference in its value. Especially if you’re showing your property at night or have night-time images. Many homes struggle to look appealing when it’s dark, but lighting your property with outdoor LED lights can make it look even better than it does during the day.

The right landscape lighting can really take the setting of your home to the next level and increase demand when you’re showing your property to potential buyers. Many homeowners struggle to sell in the winter when their home is being shown at night, but with professional exterior lighting, you’ll notice a big difference.

If you’re looking for a first-rate landscape lighting company in and around Acworth, GA – look no further than Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. As a certified master dealer they’ve got a wide range of lighting solutions designed to make your home look amazing at night.

Not only does landscape lighting make your home look better, it also improves security, adding more potential value.

2. Upgrade the kitchen

Most property professionals agree that the one room which can add the most value to your home is the kitchen. While an old-fashioned bedroom could go unnoticed, a kitchen can’t. So if you’ve only got the money to improve one room, make it the kitchen.

You can make a few tweaks and improvements to your kitchen without a complete overhaul. Change the kitchen surfaces and flooring while leaving the appliances if you can’t afford a complete remodel.

3. Make sure your house is clean and tidy

This is probably the cheapest and easiest way to add a bit of value to your house, but you’d be surprised how many people ignore it. Keep your home clean for viewings as well as any images you take of it. Keeping it clean and neat doesn’t cost much, but it could add value to your home and make people who view it more likely to buy.

4. Cut energy costs

People are looking for homes that are more energy efficient these days. Try and make sure your property has the best energy solutions available in your area so that potential buyers won’t be paying too much each month.

5. Don’t forget the outside

A lot of people spend all their attention on the interior when trying to increase value and improve things before trying to sell their house. It’s important that you don’t forget the outside. After all, the front of your house is normally the first and last thing people see, so don’t neglect it. Plant flowers, keep the lawn mowed and add the right exterior features.

Well-placed LED landscape lights could be the beneficial exterior feature for your property. If you’re looking for the best outdoor lighting solutions in Southwest Florida, call Southern Landscape Lighting Systems at (678) 324-6842 today, or check out the website.

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What to Look for in Landscape Lighting Kits

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If you’re looking to enhance your home with landscape lighting, and want to do the installation yourself, there are plenty of options. Some projects require a professional’s expertise, but simpler ones can be done with simple materials and an eye for the design you want. One way to accomplish this is with landscape lighting kits. Here are a few tips on purchasing landscape lighting kits.

What Are Landscape Lighting Kits?

Landscape lighting kits are sets of several lights (typically between four and ten), a cable, and an appropriate transformer. The most common types of lights in these kits are path lights, spotlights, and flood lights. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, so you never have to feel restricted. They are designed to make do-it-yourself landscape lighting design and installation as easy as possible.

Decide on the Type

First decide on the type you want to use. There are three common types: path lights, spotlights, and flood lights.

Path lights are intended to light paths, walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. They create an inviting path to your front door, and increase safety for you, your family, and your guests. This is the most common type of landscape lighting. In addition to lighting paths, they can also be used for highlighting a specific feature in your yard, illuminating a pond or fountain, or framing a specific area.

Spotlights are possibly the most versatile type of landscape lighting. They are used to highlight specific objects or features, including trees, shrubs, gardens, sculptures, or architectural elements. They are also excellent security features.

Flood lights are similar to spotlights, in that they emphasize a specific area. However, instead of featuring a narrow beam of light, they feature a much wider one, which allows them to cover a wider area with the same wattage. They can highlight specific features or light a much larger area, such as an entire yard or driveway.

Decide on the Style

Once you’ve determined the type of lighting that you need, narrow it down more by choosing a style. There are many to choose from. Some popular fixture styles include modern, contemporary, traditional, and rustic.

Decide on the Color and Finish

Now you have a lighting type and style – now which color? There are many options here as well. Choose a color that will go well with your home and landscaping. Common options include black, brown, pewter, brass, and antique and polished copper.

Get Some Help from a Pro

The best way to determine what type of lighting will work best on your property is to ask a professional. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems  in Acworth, GA, will come to your home to provide a free on-site consultation. We will help you design the perfect landscape lighting for your home, and if you decide to have someone install for you, we can take care of that, too! Read reviews from our customers, then call us at (678) 324-6842 to schedule your consultation. You can also leave a comment below with your questions and comments.

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Outdoor LED Lights: What’s What With Spot Lights

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If you’ve made the decision to use outdoor LED lights to illuminate your property, the chances are you’ve seen a variety of different types of LED lighting. There are lights for walls, wells, water, paths, as well as different speciality lighting. One of the most popular choices amongst customers of Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is LED spot lights. This is a versatile type of lighting that can be used to create many different effects on your landscape. We’ll take a look at some of the uses and the key information you should know about before you buy your outdoor LED spot lights.

Style and Safety

Outdoor LED lights highlight your home and property to make it safer and more visually appealing on a night. As well as keeping stairs, paths, and doorways well-lit and safe, LED lighting can accent different areas of your landscape to create some stunning effects. Spot lights can do both functions, and there’s a variety of LED spot lights available from Southern Landscape Lighting Systems that can create the perfect look for you.

Types of Lighting

Aside from style and safety, outdoor lighting can have several different purposes:

  • Overall lighting: if you want to illuminate a wide-open area, overall lighting is the type you want to use. Often, a shroud will help to boost the range and focus of this type of LED light.
  • Accent lighting: as the name suggests, if you need to highlight a specific area or object in your garden, accent lighting is used. This is where spotlights are most often implemented.
  • Task lighting: areas that perform a specific function, such as garden paths, are often lit with task lighting.

When it comes to spotlights, there are different options to choose from. Some are small and discreet, with the purpose of highlighting small, specific areas from the ground. Others are designed to hang from a surface to highlight wider areas. Both can be used in conjunction.

LED vs Incandescent

When researching outdoor lighting, you’ll likely see that there are two main categories: LED and incandescent. But which should you choose? There are a number of benefits that LED spotlights have over incandescent alternatives:

  • LED lighting is more efficient: although initial outlay may be a little more for LEDs, they are far more energy efficient in the long run.
  • LED lighting lasts longer: incandescent lighting does not last as long as LED, meaning you’ll have to replace them more often.
  • LED lighting can be smaller: outdoor lighting should be discreet, illuminating the area without drawing attention to the fixtures. LED lighting can scale down more than incandescent, making it able to fit in tighter spaces.

Spot lights are a versatile way of lighting your nightscape, and work well when combined with other types of outdoor LED lighting. They can highlight whole areas or accent key features, creating a range of effects. With a wide range available at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, that services Brookhaven, Atlanta, Sandy Springs and other cities. Call them on (678) 324-6842 to book an appointment for some expert advice.

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How Exactly Does a LED Light Work?

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LED lighting technology has been around since the early 1960s, but its usage is rapidly growing, and it is fast becoming one of the most energy-efficient lighting forms you can buy.

LED itself stands for ‘Light Emitting Diodes’ and the technology can be found in a whole range of different appliances and fixtures – from alarm clocks to garden lights. Amazingly, traditional incandescent lighting converts a measly 10% of energy output into light, meaning that the remaining 90% is wasted. Meanwhile, LEDs can use up to 80% less energy and can last up to twenty-five times longer, so while they cost more initially they result in huge savings over time.


How does LED lighting work?

LED lights contain a diode which controls the flow and direction of electricity through a P-N junction. This junction is formed because of the connection that is made between a P-type electrical semiconductor, that contains carriers with a positive electrical charge, and an N-type electrical semiconductor containing electrons. The diodes are designed and modified to create an electricity flow that is unidirectional, meaning that the electricity is only able to flow from the N-type to the P-type. As this junction is formed, electrons emit photons and move to a lower orbit. By doing so, lost energy from the process produces visible light. Thus, an LED light is formed.

In contrast to other light technologies, such as incandescent or fluorescent lighting, LED creates its light, not in a vacuum or from a gas, but from the solid material that is a semiconductor. As a result, it is known as solid-state lighting and is far more durable than other light forms. This makes the technology particularly popular with outdoor landscape lighting companies. LED lights are also typically built into rounded plastic cases, which concentrates and therefore brightens the light that is emitted, which makes them useful for lighting large spaces within your yard or garden.

What are LED lights used for?

To begin with LEDs were commonly seen in digital clocks, but recently their usage has spread rapidly and they are now found outside of, as well as inside of, the home. In fact, LED landscape lights are now incredibly popular due to the fact that LEDs are particularly hard-wearing, long-lasting and cheap to run.

You can find a wide selection of LED products by visiting the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems’ showroom or by browsing the website. The versatility of LED light means that you will be able to choose from practical lights such as path lights, to more decorative pieces like those found within their speciality range.


If you would like to find out more about LED lighting, you can speak to one of the professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems at (678) 324-6842. In addition, if you would like some help picking the perfect garden outdoor LED lights, we are here to guide you towards making the best possible choice for your yard, garden, or home.